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Producer: Kumar Taurani/ Tips Films
Director: Ken Ghosh
Starring: Fardeen Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor
Music:Anu Malik
Lyrics: Sameer

Genre: Suspense Thriller Drama
Recommended Audience: Parental Guidance
Released on: August 20, 2004
Reviewed by: Shruti Bhasin
Reviewer's Rating: 7 out of 10
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Last week, we saw off-screen couple Vivek-Ash duo hit the marquee. This week, we have the younger couple, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor, hit the screen with Fida. Fardeen Khan also stars in this film.

Before you begin reading, let me just state that if you are expecting an Ishq Vishk type of love triangle and want Fida to meet magnum expectations, think again. This film is nothing like Ken Ghoshís first directorial venture. The story is a little different than what we mightíve seen in other thrillers, but as the film progresses, you will instantly be reminded of recent Abbas-Mustan films (Humraaz and Ajnabee). However Fida has its moments and each character is developed to add a new dimension to the film.

Our story begins with the introduction of Jai (Shahid Kapoor), an orphan who wants to make something of himself in life. One fine day, he wishes to meet the girl of his dreams and falls head over heels for Neha (Kareena Kapoor). Love at first sight, seems more like infatuation to me! Anyway, she reciprocates, eventually, and both are happy.

On the other hand, a underworld Don (Akhilendra Mishra) has been robbed of his fortune. He is searching for the person who robbed him in order to get back his money and kill the culprit.

Meanwhile, Neha asks Jai for help concerning money. You see, Nehaís late father had criminal connections and now she must pay his debt of millions or be killed by goons. Poor boy is penniless and needs to be his ladyís knight in shining armor. He sees a man named Vikram, withdraw a large sum of money from the bank and decides to rob him. Jai gets caught and in order to make things right, he takes the wrap for a crime Vikram committed in order to get the money Neha needs. 

And so . . . our naÔve and foolish boy is trapped. With the police after him and the Donís goons trying to knock him off, Jai tries to find Neha . . . only to discover that she is a scheming witch and set him up with her other half, Vikram. What happens next? Your guess is as good as mine! The ending is not only unconventional, but might not sit well with the viewer, hence, it is not a happy ending. But, didnít the trailors mention: NOT ALL LOVE STORIES HAVE THE PERFECT ENDING? This is why Fida wins some extra points.

Fida is worth the watch for the performances alone by the 3 main leads. Shahid proves with this film, he is here to stay. Kareena comes out of her shell even more as an actress and shows negative shades in a character who was tailor-made for her. Fardeen seems to improve his characterization with every film. Despite recent controversy between Shahid and Fardeen, one must admit that Kareena shares excellent on-screen chemistry with both her co-stars. The supporting characters are average.

On a technical side, direction by Ken Ghosh leaves much to be desired, considering his Ishq Vishk was a surprise hit and a well made product. However, Fida turns out to be alright movie than some other films released this year. Ghosh will have to make his next film even better to become a popular filmmaker one day. On another note, editing is sharp and cinematography leaves a mark. The screenplay is very slow in the first half because it builds up a love story. The second half is much better and you are eager to find out how it all ends. Music by Anu Malik is definitely above average on screen, but 1-2 romantic tracks could be omitted to make the film move faster. ďNazar NazarĒ is the best song in the movie and Shahid is building up quite the dancing skills.

All said and done, with Fida, you wonít love the film, but youíll definitely like it for its entertainment value. Enjoy!