Reviewed by Pradeep Upadhyay


Rating :

Drohkaal (Betrayal period), starring Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Mita Vashishth and Amrish Puri is yet another good film from Govind Nihalaani. As you can make out by the title and associated artists, that it is a movie totally different from the current trend. In Drohkaal, the problem of terrorism has been carefully examined. The director has aimed at the mental and psychological trauma the honest police officers go through when they are pressurized by the terrorists by all means, such as threats to their families, while demonstrating that so many colleague officers have already switched to their camp.

This is the first movie I have ever seen in which the views of terrorists have also been discussed impartially. The super performers Naseeruddin and Om Puri have performed the way they always do. Another unique thing worth noticing about this film is that it does not have any songs. That is a wise decision of the director. The songs in this film would have hampered the continuity of the plot, and viewer's concentration.

Those who liked the movies such as Ardhsatya and Prahaar would surely love watching Drohkaal. But those looking for Bollywood style fun and entertainment would probably be disappointed.

Indian cinema must deliver such down to earth movies once in a while to keep the drowning moral of our security forces up.

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