Producer: Rajeev Anand, Rakesh Malhotra
Manoj Agarwal
Govinda, Rani Mukherjee, Nirmal Pandey, Ritu Shivpuri
Anand Raaj Anand

Released on : April 14, 2000

Reviewed by: Anjali Abrol

out of 
Hadh Kardi Aapne is the first of the many movies that Rani Mukherjee signed opposite of her favorite companion I mean close 'friend', Govinda, during her "Pro-Chichi" signing spree, post-KKHH fame, pre-Hello Brother (goodbye career) disaster. The biggest test is if their chemistry as hot on-screen as it is, well, off-screen....

The movie revolves around Raju (Govinda), a detective similar to Shahrukh's Baadshah...he is anything but. Goofy, chatty, and so Govinda-like, think Anari No. 1 or any of his other comedies. Now Raju has a friend, Nirmal Pandey (yeck), who suspects his wife, Anjali (Ritu Shivpuri), is a little too friendly with other men and sends Raju to spy on her in Europe. Wife Anjali also has her suspicions about hubby-dearest, and she is chalak, so enter Anjali No. 2 (Rani), as the friend of who acts the role of, well, the wife, to spy on Anjali No.1's husband, Nirmal. Anjali No. 2 readily agrees to go to Europe to escape her parents' urging for her to tie the knot with the loser groom-to-be (is it a Salman Khan special appearance again? Haha), so instead, she goes abroad to help her friend escape her knot! And thanks to Govinda's responsible attributes, he loses Anjali No. 1's pictures and hence, falls for the Anjali X 2's plot.

Now why is it so important that Raju do all of this detective work? Because the couple has filed for divorce and the court has ordered them to prove who of the two has caused conflict in the marriage that led to the decision for divorce. Hence, Raju must catch Anjali No. 1 in action, but unfortunately, he has no idea that, well, Anjali No. 1 (Ritu) is Anjali No. 2 (Rani), and subsequently falls in love with her (yes, this time around, it's ON-SCREEN, with wife Sunita watching the SHOOTING of the romantic scenes). If Anjali No.1 is actually Anjali No.2, and Raju is romancing Anjali No. 2, then obviously Raju thinks that Anjali No. 2 aka No. 1 is not THE Anjali, so then who is Raju spying on ? Helen Brodie.

They then figure out who the other "is", so the misunderstanding is enhanced by another misunderstanding and results in the return to India, both deeply saddened, and Anjali No. 2 decides to get married to groom-reject...

Considering that this is a Govinda movie, is it funny? Yes, at times....a light-hearted film, comedic at times, but not as good as the usual dose of Govinda comedy. Nevertheless, Govinda does well in his role, though it wasn't enough to carry the film. Was it necessary for Govinda to take on six roles? No, not really. Was Johnny Lever in a double role (as both husband's and wife's lawyers) funny or irritating? A bit of both. Satish Kaushik was quite funny, but Nirmal Pandey was pathetic, not that I expected much in the first place. And Rani? Haha, funny. Average, just average. Was she just hoping the Anjali name would do for her what it did for cousin Kajol?

Music and dances...the music is pretty catchy and the song picturization added to the effect, not to mention Govinda's usual superb dancing. Could Rani keep up? Hardly. And the outfits? Come on, you can't expect me to answer that seriously, it's a Govinda movie!

So what about the Govinda-Rani chemistry? I hope it's better off-screen, because it wasn't that impressive, not compared to his past heroines like Raveena and Karisma. Now, let's not mention the fact that Ravs could only keep up with him dancing-wise, but at least she could do that! The only chemistry they had was the size, one thing that beanpole Karisma and chubby Chichi never had.

I wouldn't write them off yet, since they do have several more movies to come....but I wouldn't keep my hopes up, either.