Producer: K.P. Singh
Kundan Shah
Karisma Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Johny Lever, Dalip Tahil
Anu Malik

Released on : May 26, 2000

Reviewed by: Anjali Abrol

out of 
With Kundan Shah's unique but wishy-washy Kya Kehna opening last weekend, we are left hoping that perhaps his next release, Hum To Mohabbat Karega, will make up for Kya Kehna. Both have interesting plots and the music is also fairly decent. They differ in storylines, though, one veering towards the unconventional and this one, towards a light-hearted flick with a plot just as messy as Hadh Kar Di Aapne.

Bobby plays a waiter, Raju Bhatnagar, who is in love with a journalist from Channel 2001, Geeta Kapoor, played by Karisma. He also has a knack for remembering everyone (e.g. his customers), their preferences, and whatnot. Waiter ho tho aisa! In addition to his brilliant memory, he also has a very creative mind, and he puts his special gift to use to trap Geeta. Does he use his natural charm? No, no, being as creative as he is, he chooses the unconventional route (this is a Kundan Shah flick, you know) so? Well, one of Raju's customers is murdered, and Geeta is on the prowl, so who better to question than Raju? And our ever-so-helpful Raju provides for a description of the murderer (as he claims to have witnessed the murder....and this being a Hindi flick, you wonder why it didn't register to Geeta that he didn't jump to save the murdered person). So Geeta interviews him and he provides a description of a make-believe murderer, which in turn, actually ends up being the actual description of the murderer, a Mafia don and crew (Shakti Kapoor, Dalip Tahil and so on)....really, though, how hard could it be? Hmm let's guess eye color....really dark brown? And hair? Maybe hmm black? Medium tan-colored? What about hmm around say 5'7? Oh wow we narrowed it down, it will be so much easier to find him out of the 1 billion Indians!

Well, this amazing description is aired and the mafia are after him well as a silly police officer, with an equally stupid assistant, Shinde (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) and Vijay Kashyap. Raju also provides a description of his best friend, Kutti (Johnny Lever), and Kutti is then chased by police. In the midst of this all, Geeta is in search of her bhai, and her quest to find him leads her to another mess. And on the romantic angle, Geeta finally figures out that Raju is bluffing and the romance takes a dramatic twist- she gets mad at him and stomps off, heartbroken, another mess, and on and on, songs and dance filling the screen and our hearts (as usual). The acting a bit on the dreary side, both Karisma and Bobby seeming bored with their confusing roles. Don't blame them, though...after awhile, anyone would get frustrated with the direction of the plot. Johnny Lever is his usual self and Rohit Roy provides for laughter (not comedic acting, just lack of acting skills). The songs are pretty average and were not placed in sync with the storyline. Both Bobby and Karisma are good dancers, and the best song was definitely the title song. The main flaw of the film was the attempt to put a little too much into the movie, and a sampling of all the different masala plots, be it comedy and action and romance and whatnot, in hope of creating an all-rounder film, just did not happen. The film started well but tapered off, falling victim to inconsistency of songs and scenes (which almost seemed endless), the first half being better then the second. Thankfully, most of the attempts of humor did click, making the film a bit more enjoyable and light-hearted. End result? Hum To Movie Fast-forward Karega.