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Producer :Nitin Mavani
: Raju

*ing: Mukul Dev, Sharad Kapoor, Divya Dutta, Tina, Prem Chopra, Aruna Irani and Sunny Deol (Sp. App)
Music: Anu Malik

Released on : July 17, 1998

Reviewed by: Anish Khanna

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Let me start by saying that there is no way I can describe how incredibly stupid and inane this film is. There is no appropriate adjective in the English language (well - there is, but children visit this site, so I will refrain from using it). The one question that was eating at my brain while watching this film is that who in their right minds would put time and money into such a ridiculous project? It quickly became apparent that the makers of this film were definitely NOT in their "right mind".

The story? There was none. Two hero's - rather one hero and one gawky, awkward thing - run around from a big, ugly, bad guy. Along the way, they meet two wooden trees - I mean - heroines. Throw in Johnny Lever, an old mother (Aruna Irani), and a climax and "voila!" - you have a film! Apparently the film was supposed to be a comedy, but it is my belief that comedies are supposed to have decently humorous scripts. This film was no laughing matter. Ok, I will give you that Sunny Deol's dancing in the "Punjabi" song provokes giggles (for the wrong reasons), but nothing else in the film is funny.

Mukul Dev is actually the only decent thing about the film and shows real potential. The guy has everything - looks, talent, dancing abilities. If only he had a brain, or else he wouldn't have signed such a stupid project. Maybe his forthcoming "Wajood" will bail him out of this one. Regarding Sharad Kapoor - the less said the better. I recently saw his name in a "most likely to fade from Bollywood" list and I must say that I concur. The heroines, Tina and Divya Dutta, give new meaning to the term "wooden". The songs are ok, but the non-expressive heroines in them got on my nerves (especially the "Oh Yeah" song.. OH NOOOO!). Again - only a psychiatric patient would get Sunny Deol to do a dancing guest appearance.

Bottom line: DO NOT SEE THIS FILM. I really mean it this time. Don't say I didn't tell you.

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