Producer & Director: Ashok Honda
Sunil Shetty, Rambha, Kader Khan, Apoorva Agnihotri, and Johnny Lever

Released on : March 17, 2000

Reviewed by: Aniket Joshi

out of 
Krodh is a remake of “Hitler” - a hit film that was made in many languages down South. Krodh also marks the third get-together for Sunil Shetty and Ashok Honda. Their earlier films, Anth and Rakshak, were average entertaining action flicks. But Krodh doesn’t live upto the mark, it’s a major pain - in the you know what - to sit through the entire film.

Karan (Sunil Shetty) is the overprotective brother of his five younger sisters. He beats up any guy who sees his sisters with a tedi aankh (With brother like him why would any one want to look at his sisters anyway?). Hence, everyone in the town refers to Karan as Hitler. He also doesn’t accept the fact that Raj (Apoorva Agnihotri) and Prem (Johnny Lever) love two of his sisters, because he thinks they’re both awaara and besharam. Upto this point, the film is not bad. Then come in the villains, Kabra and his younger brother. Kabra was sent to jail for 2 years because of Karan, and now seeks revenge. Karan’s father, Balwant (Kader Khan) also comes to the scene. But Karan hates Balwant, because he thinks Balwant is responsible for his mother’s death. Then the usual Hindi-filmy cliches take over, and baap is proven innocent and a whole mess is created. And dhishum-dhishum follow. Sounds predictable doesn’t it?

Sunil Shetty is able to portray his part well, but the film still isn’t watchable because of the jagged storyline and lousy direction. Rambha is in the film just to prance around and sound like a little kid. Nothing about the film is worth a mention, except the song "Mera Kangana.." which is quite hummable. The action sequences are okay, but nothing extraordinary. Definitely avoid this film if you want to do something better with 2 and half-hours of your life.