Producer : Naraindas Mukhija
: Anil Sharma

*ing: Govinda, Manisha Koirala, Salim Ghouse, Shakti Kapoor, Aruna Irani, Khulbhushan Kharbanda, and Raj Babbar
Music: Nadeem Shravan

Released on : September 4, 1998

Reviewed by: Aniket Joshi

out of 

This is the second film that "Hero No. 1" Govinda and Manisha have paired up together. Their first, Achanak, was a flop due to a poor plot and bad direction. Same is the case with Maharaja. The storyline of the film is almost unbelievable and quite funny. After seeing the film it may make one wonder why a smart actor like Govinda would sign a film such as this?

Ranbir (Salim Ghoul, excuse me Ghouse) is a baddy who wants to steal the Royal family's wealth. To do this he marries the king's sister and then kills the King, the queen, his wife, and the prince. Little did he know that the prince he killed was Ameenabi's (Aruna Irani), who is the nanny, younger son Aslam. Ranbir is furious to know this and imprisons Ameenabi in a "kaal-kothari." And the real prince Kohinoor (Govinda) is now in a "baba's" (Khulbhushan Kharbanda's) care.

Kohinoor grows up in the jungles of Himalayas. He has "magical" powers through which he can hypnotise animals and so forth. Shaily (Manisha Koirala) is a TV anchor who comes to know of Kohinoor's powers and wishes to bring him onto her programme. Kohinoor instantly falls in love with Shaily upon meeting her (haven't we heard that before). Shaily just uses Kohinoor's love to bring him to her show and then tells him that she doesn't really love him. So then Kohinoor goes back to the jungles.

Ali (Raj Babbar), Ameenabi's second son, comes to Kohinoor and tells him of his family history and how his family was killed by Ranbir. So then Kohinoor goes to get revenge. Then as usual our heroine realizes her mistake and goes back to our hero to sing a few songs. And they live happily ever after.

Govinda and Manisha do their best but neither one rises above the poor and inane script. Manisha looks heavier than ever. The story is just not buyable. The director should've known when Rajkumar flopped that the Indian public doesn't buy these types of movies. The only highlight of the film is Nadeem-Shravan's hummable music.

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