Producer: Rakesh Nath
Director: Reema Rakesh Nath
*ing: Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna
Music: Nadeem Shravan

Reviewed by: Anjali Abrol

out of 

Okay, so we've got Sanjay Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna (of Himalayputra/Vinod Khanna fame), and Madhuri Dixit. Classic formula: ok children, what does 2 actors+1 actress equal? Could it be the classic 1 loves 2 and 2 loves 1, but 3 loves 1 but 2 and 3 are friends and 1 loves 3 but not the way the 3 loves 1? No no, not possible... Saajan? hmmm interesting thought...

Okay, so now lets get to the movie... yawn... Sanjay rich boy, comes assembled with standard mother father sister family. Akshaye, poor bachu, sits around the street waiting for filmi maara maari. Madhuri is some psycho friend of Sanjay's behen who sings in French to basketballs. Could it be basketball at first sight? For Sanjay, yes...Madhuri's got other plans, well... She prefers rain at first sight.  What a romantic!  Madhuri is aspiring to become a singer, Sanjay's got money, and Akshaye's got everything else...  Sanjay becomes Madhuri's secret benefactor but never has the guts to approach her...But, too late for Sanjay... Akshaye's street duties do him good, he saves Sanjay from getting beaten up, and a little later, Madhuri's got car problems at night... and you know what happens next!

One fateful night, Sanjay goes to give phool to Madhuri... spots his yaar Akshaye and his sajni (or hone wali bhabhi?), freaks, runs, and Akshaye runs after him.... Later, amazingly, Akshaye gets beaten up and thrown in the ocean... Madhuri mourns and loses her voice.  Sanjay is diagnosed with brain cancer but keeps it a secret, he continues to love Madhuri, although Madhuri could care less.... ok that's enough, any more and you won't have to watch the movie.

I must admit I was impressed with the technology in this movie... Did you know that in India, doctors can take MRIs (x-rays) and can diagnose brain cancer from an x-ray that shows only the surface of the brain?  Even where no cancer is detected -- evident by the x-ray shown to be studied by the doctor... AMAZING!

I admit, initially, I wasn't overjoyed about this movie.... Look at the cast.... Sanjay Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, and Akshaye Khanna...Mother hen and her two lil' chickies.... Sanjay is just a dud (perfect for his role, I guess), Madhuri is wonderful but just slightly too old for 22-yr-old Akshaye.

I admit, I really liked the movie. It was pretty interesting and Akshaye did an excellent job, both acting-wise as well as keeping up with his seniors. Madhuri, as usual, did justice to her role... and Sanjay... well, never mind...  Akshaye looked innocent but tough--cute but rough around the edges.  Madhuri looked okay, but her modern outfits just made her look like Akshaye's dadi... and the attempt to make her hair portray modern fashions failed miserably... especially evident in the hit song: Meri Jaane Jaan....and Sanjay is just Sanjay... and no one can ever be like him (too manylosers aren't good now are they...).

If you still have the "no no, it was Saajan 2...", get over it. I liked this much more than Saajan itself, and it may be lifted from this movie or that, but just think of it as "freshly recycled" and successfully at that.

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