Producer: ABCL
Director: Mehul Kumar
*ing : Amitabh Bachchan, Karisma Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Ashish Vidyarthi, Arbaaz Ali Khan (Not Salman Khan's brother) and Sp. App. Daler Mendhi
Music : Anand Milind

Reviewed by: Avinash Ramchandani

Rating : (out of )

Don't waste your money on this one. Its a flick that won't be forgotten, Amitabh bad?! Wow! News... well, Amitabh's comeback vehicle is nothing but a glimpse of Amitabh without the power that he used to have. After only one week, this movie has already been declared a big flop in Indian cinemas.

The Top Ten Reasons Mrityudaata flopped so miserably:

10. Karisma Kapoor has picked the wrong movie for herself. After Raja Hindustani, she decided that picking a movie with Amitabh would be beneficial, little did she know it would flop so miserably.

9. Arbaaz Ali Khan isn't as good as the real Arbaaz Khan. Khan No. 1 (of Daraar fame) is much better looking and a better actor than Khan No. 2.

8. Anand Milind doesn't quite bring in the punch with the music. The only song that really put in some punch was the Daler Mendhi number, "Na Na Na Na Na Re" which predicts the outcome of the film: Na Na!

7. Amitabh saving a film with a Special Appearance by Daler Mendhi?!! What is wrong with that picture? Amitabh is supposed to be the Special Appearance, not Daler Mendhi. You know something is wrong when Amitabh is in a film and he is going to others to save it.

6. Violence! Violence! Violence! In the days of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Raja Hindustani film makers still fill movies with violence, even though they know that the audience is looking for nothing more than a light love story with guys and girls dancing in jeans and skimpy skirts.

5. Bad Timing for release. Before Koyla would have made more sense... Why did Big B release it after Koyla? He had confidence, maybe too much. Koyla has swept the market even with its terrible violence.

4. Mehul Kumar cannot direct and write a story and screenplay at the same time. Look at his previous films, like Triangaa and Krantiveer, he depended on a powerful actor Nana Patekar to run the film. Believe me, Kumar cannot run a film by himself, even with a bit of support from the Big B.

3. Bad Luck. Well... maybe it wasn't all that the movie was bad, after all if movies like Lamhe could flop, you never know when bad luck could strike and a movie flops.

2. ABCL doesn't have that much bang after all. Sure, it spent much money on this production, but it couldn't find a better director than Mehul Kumar?

And the number one reason is...

1. The Big B is OLD! What happened to the Sharaabi of yesteryear or the angry young man? Well... the Big B is OLD! He isn't anymore an angry young man, he is an angry OLD man! So, the Indian audience is waiting for Big B to show up like his performances in Laawaris or Deevar but they end up with Arbaaz Ali Khan as their hero and Karisma Kapoor as the "sexy" heroine. And where is Big B? He is in the car refilling the ammunition for his lovely future son in law, who gets killed anyways.

If you still decide to go watch it, good luck. After all I've warned you already!

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