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Producer: Ganesh & Ratan Jain
Director: Priyadarshan
Starring: Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Paresh Rawal, Rimi Sen, Neha Dhupia
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Sameer, Mayur Puri
Singers: Adnan Sami , Hema Sardesai , K.K. , Punjabi MC ( Labh Jajua) , Sonu Nigam , Sunidhi Chauhan , Sukhwinder Singh and Udit Narayan
Audio On: Venus Audio
Number of Songs: 8
Released on: September, 2005
Reviewed by: Abid
Reviewer's Rating: 8 out of 10
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It may be termed as a coincidence that two of Priyadarshan´s movies ´Kyon Ki´ and ´Garam Masala´ are going to release during the first week of November and he has for company another director who has achieved the same fete in 1997. Yes, we are talking about David Dhawan who had two major releases ´Deewana Mastana´ and ´Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi´ in the same week. And it is his ´Shaadi No 1´ which will give company to the two Priyadarshan directed releases.

As far as the music of the two films is concerned, Priyan never had it so good. Most of his films have never boasted of very good music, chartbuster that is. But this time he has two in a row as both ´Kyon Ki and ´Garam Masala´ have the potential to end up at the top of the music charts.

While some may point out that ´Viraasat´ had good music that got a reasonable amount of popularity, but the fact is its appeal was limited. Let us move on and check out for ourselves whether ´Garam Masala´ is as ´Hot´ as its name suggests.

Coming to the first track ´Ada´, it appeals instantly. The song is ready to take over the nation in a very short span time (may be, after the ´Shraadh´ period is over). The USP of the song is that its just not rhythmic, it has a very melodious tune. One that takes you over after the very first hearing. The synthezised piece of music that accompanies the song is extremely catchy and infectious and last but not the least, the presence of the two handsome hunks Akshay and John (in the promos being aired) will definately see this track topping the charts. Kudos, to Pritam, Sonu Nigam and Sameer for an excellent team work.

DJ Suketu who recently gave us a wonderful remix of the ´Dharmatma´ song, ´Kya Khoob Lagti Ho´ (picturised on top model Upen Patel), dissappoints with the ´Ada´ remix. He has just upped the tempo and rhythm and after that he has done precisely nothing. A better option would be to listen to the original version of ´Ada´ once again !

If ´Ada´ has just wet the apettite for more, listen to Hema Sardesai singing ´Chori Chori´. The Goanese lass who had rocked the nation with ´Awara Bhavre´ (´Sapnay´) a few years ago, is back after a hiatus. Nice to hear her again as she has lost none of her youthful magic. She has for company Sukhwinder Singh singing what he sings best - Punjabi pop and he excels here.

The second version of ´Chori Chori´ has the master of Punjabi pop, Punjabi MC (Labh Jajua) as he mouths the lively lyrics ´Chori chori chori chori dil le gayee, Hayo rabba hayo rabba dil le gayee´. It has an earthy, robust, rustic charm despite the Western influences. After listening to the second version it becomes obvious why Punjabi MC has an iconinc following amongst the lovers of Punjabi pop and he is sure to add a few fans amongst the non-Punjabi audiences after ´Chori Chori´. The promos of ´Chori Chori´ featuring Neha Dhupia, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham are already creating a buzz.

Adnan Sami is back with ´Kiss Me Baby´. As may be recalled, Adnan has sung for Akshay thrice - ´Mehbooba´ (´Ajnabi´), ´Ya Habibi´ ( ´Awara Pagal Deewana´) and ´Gela Gela´ (´Aitraaz´) - and on all the previous occasions the songs scored high on the charts. It will be interesting to see the outcome of ´Kiss Me Baby´, the title track of ´Garam Masala´, which will be used as a promotional video featuring ´Mr. Hot´ Akshay and ´Mr. Cool´ John. Pritam has made Adnan sing in his trademark style that has endeared him to his fans worldwide. It actually is a continuation of his ´Lift Karade´ mood. All in all another rollicking track with some naughty lyrics!

´Dil Samundar´ has the duo of K.K. and Sunidhi Chauhan singing perhaps the only ordinary track of the album. Maybe the picturisation of the song will make it popular and it will be unfair not to mention that K.K. and Sunidhi try their level best to raise the level of ´Dil Samundar´ with their zestful singing.

There are two versions ´Falak Dekhun´ in the album. The first has been rendered by Sonu Nigam and the second one by Udit Narayan. Both have done a commendable job though Udit is somewhat better. It is basically a superb romantic track which has just about the right pace. The composition is reminiscent of the Viju Shah style of music ( ´Tridev´, Trimurti´, ´Mohra´). Some excellent guitaring and neat lyrics by Mayur Puri are the highlight of ´Falak Dekhun - ´Falak Dekhun, Zameen dekhun, Jahan dekhun, Tera chehra, Wahin Dekhun

To sum it up, ´Garam Masala´ is an all-in-one album that it is just not about rhythm and beats like Pritam´s reasonably popular Chocolate. For a change he has infused melody and has also been aided by some meaningful lyrics. Get set for a battle royale as ´Garam Masala´ and 'Kyon Ki´battle for supremacy at the charts !