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Producer: Bubby Kent
Director: K.S. Adhiyaman
Starring: Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty
Music: Sajid-Wajid, Daboo I. Malik, P. Sameer
Lyrics: Salim Bijnori, Shabbir Ahmed, Jalees Sherwani, Rashid Lucknowi
Singers: Udit Narayan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Alka Yagnik, Hariharan, Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet
Audio On: Tips
Number of Songs: 7
Released on: October, 2004
Reviewed by: Rakesh Budhu
Reviewer's Rating: 5.5 out of 10
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Considering the stupendous success behind Salman Khan’s earlier hit this year, “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi” is it a wonder why Bubby Kent renamed “Dil Churake Chal Diye”, a slightly delayed film, to “Shaadi Kharke Phas Gaya Yaar”? Well, that may not have been his reasoning, but even David Dhawan is sealing the fact that “shaadi” will be part of his next film’s title. On the other hand, what is missing in this shaadi filled titled and film, is the catchy hit kind of music that was in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. There was nothing unique there, there is nothing unique here, but the music here by Sajid-Wajid is a little less catchy than Mujhse Shaadi Karogi which puts the film in a different league all together.

The soundtrack opens up with the “Deewane Dil Ko Jaane Do”. Alka Yagnik and Sonu Nigam are apt and the beat is surely been there heard that—many a times. Lyrics (Shabbir Ahmed) are average, which is odd considering it is a new lyricist, but the song is listenable in its own passable way. Sajid-Wajid have often composed songs like this previously making this one stand out less, particularly for them.

Romance is still the forte in “Taaron Ko Mohabbat”, but this one is a bit more catchier than the soundtrack opener. A pleasant chorus compliments the song along with irresistible flute interludes. Daboo Malik who has often been either a hit or miss is in good form here and is complimented with good lyrics by Jalees Sherwani and Rashid. The recurring beat is very catchy and Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik are nice in their renditions. Of the few, this song is worthy of a few listens and definitely the best of the album.

By the time our third song rolls out, “Dil Yeh Bahalta”, one gets the feel that the entire soundtrack is going to focus strictly on romance. Yes, that sounds boring, and so does the song! Here is one Sunidhi Chauhan-Sonu Nigam that doesn’t hit the right spots. Salim Bijnori has penned an overtly regular song and Daboo Malik’s jazzy beats do very little to make the song keep one’s attention.

Sajid-Wajid proved in Chori Chori that they could compose songs with soul, meaning and make them appealing all the same. In the next track, “Kuch Bhi Nahin Tha” they have teamed up Alka Yagnik with Hariharan after what seems likes eons and has once again came up with a pleasantly surprising song. Soft and soothing it’s the kind that a listener of any kind of music can enjoy, without going overboard with their composition. The lyrics, by Jalees Sherwani, on the other hand are typical.

The soundtrack has two versions of the title track (and it isn’t even on T-Series, but more on that later), “Shaadi Karke” and “Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar”. Like the titles insinuate, the first version is a shorter version while the second finishes it off and takes it time to do so. The song culminates the theme of the film well and is pretty situational. Ironically, the same composer does not compose both songs, and that is very discernable after listening to it. “Shaadi Karke” is a purely situational track sung by Abhijeet and composed by P. Sameer with lyrics by Manohar Iyer. The second version is written by Jalees Sherwani and composed by Sajid-Wajid and has Sunidhi and Sonu teaming up again. I know I’m not the only one hearing the similarity with a few of the tracks, particularly the title one, from Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. But hey, it may just be the word “shaadi”.

For your last dose of romance, Salim Bijnori drags the pens and composing the boring “Tujhe Se Pyar Hai”. I’m getting tired of hearing “aetbaar” in almost every song these days, particularly because it seems like it is used so much because it rhymes with pyaar. Sunidhi is in high pitch mode. In other words, not so pleasant. The song is a bomb. That may be harsh but in a soundtrack of typical romance numbers, one that is below average can only be described as such.

It is odd that Tips would release this soundtrack, considering their lagging record lately and that the soundtrack is laced with strict romance songs (T-Series anyone?) and not a chartbuster anywhere. Shilpa Shetty and Salman Khan had much better tunes for their earlier releases, “Garv” and “Phir Milenge”. I for one still can’t stop listening to “Hum Tumko Nigahon Mein” from Garv, despite it being such a typical song. For ‘Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar’, “Taaron Ka Mohabbat” may be that ‘it’ song that drives the soundtrack to some form of popularity, but there isn’t much after that, in fact very little.