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Producer: Ramesh Sharma
Director: Rajesh Kumar Singh
Music: Sajid Wajid
Lyrics: Faaiz Anwar

Reviewed by: Alok Kumar

Have you ever listened to a Hindi song and thought "Gee, that sounds familiar"??? Ever get the feeling of deja vu? Well, the audio for this Sanjay Dutt-Manisha Koirala starrer will have you going nuts trying to figure out where you have heard some of these compositions before. But, if you're like me, you'll forget the inspiration and enjoy the music, for BAAGHI has a very enjoyable soundtrack from the composer duo who brought us gems like "Teri Jawaani Badi Mast" from PKTDK and "Chupke Se Koi" from Hello Brother.

The soundtrack opens up with a typical punjabi number, which is a must for any Sanjay Dutt film these days. Kartoos had "Ishq Da Rutba", Khoobsurat had "Ghash Khaake", Khauff had "Jo Dil Rakhta Hai" and "Nach Baby Nach Kudi", and now Baaghi has "Sapnay Mein Kudi", a well tuned, enjoyable, and well sung track by Abhijeet. If you liked the ones listed above, you'll like this one. I know I did.

The album then slows down with "Tumhi Ko Chahte Hain", a song that's very similar to "Humko Sirf Tumse Pyar Hai" from Bobby-Twinkle starrer Barsaat. This number, however, is much more enjoyable than it's predecessor, and has Kumar Sanu providing some good vocals. Kavita makes a guest appearence in the song to hum a few lines, just like Alka Yagnik did with "Main Koi Aisa Geet" in Yes Boss.

The third track is the best on the album. "Piya Tu Kahaan Hai" is a beautiful song by latest pop sensation Shubha Mudgul ("Pyar Ke Geet" and "Hulla Hullare"). The lyrics are good, the music, superb, and the singing, fantastic.

The last track on the first side is a typical romance number that sounds like it came from some Nadeem-Shravan song. "Khaee Hai Kasam" is sung very nicely by Sanu and Kavita, but has a very outdated feel to it. The song is repeated on the flip side.

Side B starts off with a big, big bang with the racy, yet somber "Chaha Hai Tujhe", a fast love song that sounds like something off a Depech Mode album, or maybe even a U2 song. The song is very enjoyable and will make you reach for the rewind button as soon as it finishes. Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan, the new rage in the field of playback singing, are perfect.

The album finishes off with Kavita Krishnamurti's "Ek Kabhi Do Kabhi", a very average number with average lyrics and average singing, and Abhijeet-Jaspinder Narula duet "Pyar Pyar", another punjabi type number that is just okay. Jaspinder and Abhijeet can't save this one from mediocrity.

All in all, Baaghi is worth the buy. The album jacket features Sanjay Dutt and a beautiful Manisha Koirala, who seems to be back in form looks wise. This deadly duo have featured in two very slick suspense thrillers, KHAUFF and KARTOOS, both of which were technically superb and were fantastic flicks. Judging by the music, it looks like BAAGHI will add another good suspense film to the duo's list. Also starring in the film are Aditya Pancholi and Inder Kumar. The film's second female lead is Tina, who you may have noticed in Mithun starrer AAAG HI AAG, also with Jackie Shroff, Sneha, and Payal Malhotra, AAKROSH, with Sunil and Shilpa Shetty, and KARTOOS, where she played Jackie's assistant Sakina, in a good performance. The film, Baaghi, is a suspense thriller that, judging by the trailors, looks like another film with Dutt as the anti-hero.

So, to sum it all up, buy the soundtrack, because you don't want to be missing out on some of these enjoyable tracks. Hopefully, these songs will look even better on screen.