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Producer: Raj Kanwar & K. Pappu
Director: Raj Kanwar
Music: Jatin Lalit
Lyrics: Sameer

Reviewed by: Anjali Abrol

Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke will be Abhishek's third release and the first with Aishwarya Rai. As many are hyped about the movie, the music score by Jatin-Lalit has a few catchy songs and some passable ones. After amazing music for Abhishek's first release (Refugee, by Anu Malik), and a breathtaking album (for his second) by Ismail Darbar (Tera Jadoo Chal Gayaa), one would expect the music to stay at the same level but in comparison, the album does not live up to expectations. I hope I have not spoken too soon, in that this is definitely an album that will grow on you and likely pick up with the release of the film.

The title track, a beautiful duet by Anuradha Paudwal and Babul Supriyo (of whom I am a fan of after TJCG's Chori Chori Chupke Chupke), sets the album off to a great start. The combination of traditional yet pacy beats with the flute compliment the romantic lyrics and nice singing. The way the main (title) line is sung takes a few listens to get used to but will grow on you. There are four versions of the song on the album, and all make a nice listen. Definitely Top 10 potential. Hit!

Do Lafzo Mein is sung by the same duo and is of the same theme as the title track. Though not an extra-ordinary or original score (as there have been numerous songs of the same style), the song is pleasant and makes a nice listen. Good

Paudwal and Supriyo seem to a be a favorite pair on this album as they pick up Hai Deewane Yeh Ishq Mera, a song that picks up the album's pace with nice but ordinary lyrics and decently good (but again, ordinary) music. Imagine Aish and Abhishek on a mountaintop, singing and dancing. Passably good

Yeh Sama Yeh Nazare (same singing team, Paudwal and Supriyo) is definitely one of the more catchier and nicer songs (less ordinary than the others) of the album and makes an enjoyable listen (one of my favs of the album, besides the title track and Mera Mahi). Babul Supriyo sung well and suited the song more than would, say, Kumar Sanu. The music is also catchy and is especially nice when the main refrain is sung. Very nice!

Koi Taza Hawa (must I repeat who the singers are?) has lyrics that don't match the beat by being a fraction too slow (could it be Jhankar beat syndrome?). The song is a decent track but nothing special, though picturization in the film may prove otherwise. Decent

Oh Mere Rabba keeps Anuradha Paudwal at the mike but passes it on from Supriyo to Kay Kay, to pick up a unique (likely Aish dance number) and fast/slow fluctuating track. The music is different from the other tracks and the change is nice. Though it doesn't sound very special during the first few listens, I think the song may pick up with more listens (and picturization). I found the song especially intriguing and likeable. For some reason, I felt a strange rush of 'Taal' as I listened to the song. Interesting and Good

Mera Mahi Bada Sohna keeps Paudwal again but exchanges Kay Kay for Abhishek's deep, intriguing dialogue. Though at first the song seems a little silly, it grew on me after a few listens, and I especially liked the chorus (though it reminded me of another song I can't place). The song has nice, fast beats and cute lyrics. Abhishek's dialogue at the end completes the song by giving it a fresh twist and is amazing. Good!

Ek Haseen Ladki, sung by Babul Supriyo (a popular singer for Abhishek, it seems) and Sudhesh Bhosle, completes the album as Abhishek's solo dance number (as was Chori Chori Chupke Chupke of TJCG), though this song is not nearly as fast-paced nor good as CCCC. Still, the song is hummable and has cute lyrics, with a whole mix of beats (and instruments like the electric guitar) to make some interesting music. The song will grow on you by the listen, as the picturization should be good as well. The flashback to the purane zamane ke song, Pehla Pehla Pyar, could/should have been omitted. Despite the 10 second slip, the song is enjoyable and makes a good listen. Nice!

I suspect that this album on a first listen is not as impressive as say, Fiza, but the album grows on you and will continue to as the movie releases (sort of the Biwi No. 1 or Tera Jadoo Chal Gayaa situation). Though not as catchy nor unique as some recent releases (e.g. Fiza, Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya, Deewane), it surpasses others (e.g. Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya, Shikari). I must admit that I am a bit disappointed that the score wasn't more impressive (as in unique) for an Aish-Abhishek starrer, but nevertheless, the album makes a pretty good buy.