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Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala
Music: Anu Malik
Lyrics: Dev Kohli, Anu Malik, & Nitin Raikwar

Contributed by Avinash Ramchandani

Judwaa comes as another David Dhawan potential hit. Starring heartthrob Salman Khan, recent hit Karishma Kapoor, and a sensation from the south, Rambha. The music by Anu Malik doesn't have the same potential.

The first song is a fast number sung by Malik (the music director) and Poornima. "Oonchi Hai Building" has the typical Anu Malik humdrum beats submerged between Punjabi-Indian beats in which Poornima sings. Although Poornima isn't all that bad, Anu Malik is especially annoying in this song. I won't even mention the mediocre lyrics. "Tan Tana Tan" has outright stupid lyrics (and reminds of Coolie No. 1's "Main To Bhelpuri Khaa Raha Tha") but comes with a good beat and great singing. This is one of Malik's better attempts at the music.

"Tu Mere Dil Main Bas Jaa" is another fast paced song. Malik's music is average. The beats are good, but not excellent. Rendered by Kumar Shanu and Poornima, overall the song ends up to be annoying. The lyrics aren't as bad as the other two songs.

"Tera Aana Tera Jaana" has a touch of O.P. Naayar type music. Rendered by Kumar Shanu and Kavita Krishnamurti, it reminisces of an old Kishoreda -Asha song, but doesn't live up to the standard. The lyrics are okay. "Duniya Main Aaye Ho To Love Kar Lo" is an annoying song sung by Kumar Shanu and Kavita Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti is okay, but Shanu is annoying. The beats, the singing, and lyrics don't quite match.

"East Aur West India Is The Best" has good lyrics. Anu Malik is actually okay in this song. The music has a starting that is derived from Yash's "Hello How Are You?", as well as some rap. Overall the song is an oxymoron, singing a song about the good of India on a rap tone is not exactly the ideal way of being patriotic!

This album only has only one song worth listening to and that song ("Tan Tana Tan") is nothing special. Anu Malik should try something else with his music, as his peers (Jatin-Lalit, A.R. Rahman, and Rajesh Roshan) and rival (Nadeem Shravan) are starting to overtake him in the industry.

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