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Producer: Shogun Films
Director: T. K. Rajeev Kumar
Music: Jatin-Lalit
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Reviewed by: Aniket Joshi

In the recent tradition of Hindi films having long titles, here’s a new addition - Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Gaya (RKRSPHG). This flick has been in the making for quite a while now, but the music sounds very fresh and pleasant to the ears compared to quite a few soundtracks that’ve just hit the store shelves in the past couple of weeks. Jatin-Lalit have used somewhat different musical arrangements in this album instead of their usual heavy dose of bongos and drums. The final result is pretty good!

Dil Churake Chal Dee” describes how the hero feels after seeing the heroine for the first time, love at first site to put it shortly. Udit Narayan breezes through the song easily. Some kiddies are also in the song for a couple of lines, but they aren’t annoying. A very nice song to start off the album.

Aao Sune Leharon Se” is indeed the best song of the album. Javed Akhtar’s lyrics are very soothing, just like the soft tune. Srinivas is in top form here and I believe this his best song to date in Hindi films. Anuradha Paudwal has the last stanza to sing, and she sings it well. There’s also a solo version of this beautiful song included in the album that’s sung by Srinivas.

Jiske Liye Sapno Mein Tum Ho” is another duet by Srinivas and Anuradha Paudwal. This one may not be as good as “Aao Sune Leharon Se,” nonetheless it’s worth listening to for the good rendition by both the singers and the soft music.

Dost Hamare Kitne Hai Pyare” sung by Abhijeet is a soft and sweet lullaby-ish song. Abhijeet does his best to make the song an enjoyable one, and he succeeds. The lyrics are playful and I assume that is so because the song will probably be picturised on kids. “Sun Lo Re Bandhu” is another light-hearted number, sung by Udit Narayan. Both of these songs are listenable on the audio, but they aren’t the types of songs that I’d listen to over and over.

Finally we have “To Rabba Ki Kariye” an energetic and sentimental song rendered by Sukhwinder Singh, who is just awesome once again. The beats are heavy compared to the usual Jatin-Lalit numbers, but that proves that these guys do experiment and come up with brilliant results. I’m sure you’ll want to hit the rewind button after the song has finished!

RKRSPHG is a must buy to put it simply. Jatin-Lalit have come up with a winner and also prove at the same that they’re willing to try out different arrangements. Let’s hope now that the film turns out to be good also. I’m looking forward to this one because it has Manisha and Arvind paired together again after Bombay.