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Bollywood Boom in Hollywood
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After many years of great movies and stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha, why is it that Hollywood is finally taking notice of the glamorous Bollywood world? Could it be the beauty that some of the newcomers possess, a la Aishwarya Rai? Or is it the strong culture and family values which pervade a certain innocence Hollywood no longer seems to maintain? Or is it merely the fact that they want a change?

The first one of many who seems to make a huge impact on Hollywood is the beautiful Aishwarya Rai. After bagging four Hollywood movies and being claimed as the most beautiful woman in the world by Julia Roberts, Aish certainly is a step ahead of the game. While stepping over in new waters, she seems to have made a good choice in the upcoming ´Bride and Prejudice´ being released in the UK next month. The movie has received good to mediocre ratings so far. Aish has also signed onto ´Chaos´ starring with Merryl Streep; its also the first time in which a big Hollywood and Bollywood actress collaboration will be made.

Salman Khan is another Bollywood gone Hollywood star who will be in the upcoming musical, ´Marigold: An adventure in India´ where he plays a dance instructor who teaches an American girl (Ali Larter) to dance in a Hindi film. This film is based as a comedy, which suits Mr. Salman very well.

After the success of cross-over movies such as ´Bollywood/Hollywood´ by Deepa Mehta and ´Bend it Like Beckham´ by Gurinder Chadda, does the Indian cinema have enough power to conquer Hollywood main stream? With fingers crossed, we shall only have to wait and see.

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