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Predictions for "Murder 2"
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Making ‘sequels’ to successful Bollywood films seems to have become a norm in the industry off late. But the big question is – do they turn out be as good or better than their first part?

Statistically speaking, the outcome so far has been nothing but disappointing – at least content wise. Will this week’s release, ‘Murder 2’ prove to be an exception?.

Our in-house expert and noted astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts for us:

“The title ‘MURDER 2’ adds up to Number 25 – this number denotes strength gained through experience. It is not considered exactly ‘lucky’, as it’s success is given through strife and trials in the earlier life. Although it is favourable when it appears in regard to the future”, explains Bhavikk.

“Well, the numerological interpretation clearly indicates that the second part in the series may not exactly create ‘ripples’ like the previous one”, predicts Bhavikk.

He continues “The release of the film is set on 8th July 2011 which is a day primarily ruled by Number 8 (Saturn) which has a direct clash with Number 2 (Moon). The lead actress in this one – Jacqueline Fernandes is a Number 2 person (2nd June 1985) and running in her 27th year, she may not be able to set the screen on fire like the way Mallika Sherawat did”.

“On the other hand, Emraan Hashmi in his 33rd year is having much better luck and will be liked for his performance”.

“All said and done, ‘Murder 2’ will just manage to encash the name of a franchisee or a brand associated with the name ‘Murder’ – there’s nothing more to it !”, signs off Bhavikk on a straight forward note.

Bhavikk Sangghvi is a renowned astro-numerologist.
He can be reached at:

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