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Predictions for "JOKER"
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The tagline on the posters of this film is – Sometimes ‘being alien’ is the only option.

It seems actor Akshay Kumar has literally taken this to his heart and hence not promoting this film at all for various reasons.

Our in-house expert and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of this sci-fi production:

“The title ‘JOKER’ is adding up to Number 17 – contrary to belief it is an extremely fortunate and spiritual number provided it is not associated with single numbers 4 and 8” explains Bhavikk.

“The release date of this film is scheduled for 31st August 2012 which is a day primarily ruled by Number 4 (Rahu) and the compound number arrived from this date is Number 8 (Saturn). What a bad co-incidence. Tough luck !” predicts Bhavikk.

He continues “Reportedly this is Akshay’s 100th film, but looks like it will remain ‘best forgotten’ for him as he will soon enter his 46th year (9th September 1967) which indicates a not so favourable period ahead”.

“On the other hand, Sonakshi in her 29th year (2nd June 1984) is passing through a good phase and will be appreciated for her role in the movie nevertheless”.

“Lastly, director Shirish Kunder in his 40th year (24th May 1973) is not going through a powerful phase that he can pull off a film of this genre and magnitude. Alas ! It will prove to be a wasted effort” signs off Bhavikk on a straight forward note.

Bhavikk Sangghvi is a renowned astro-numerologist.
He can be reached at:

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