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Movie Prediction for ´BARFI!´
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The promos of this film are looking funny and are smartly executed.

The music is so incredibly high on taste that you can’t resist.

But will the audience take to this ‘Barfi!’ and relish it ?

Our in-house expert and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of this Anurag Basu directed romantic comedy:

“The title ‘BARFI!’ is adding up to Number 14 – this octave of Number 5 is fortunate for dealings with money, speculation and changes in business, but there is always a strong element of risk and danger attached to it” explains Bhavikk.

“The hero of this film is playing a deaf – mute man while the leading lady is suffering from autism. Can there be a bigger challenge than that ?” questions Bhavikk hinting that their lies the ‘real strength’ of the movie. The film will definitely be lapped up by its target audience (mainly multiplexes of big cities)” he predicts.

He continues “Like I have been saying from the start, the year 2012 which adds up to Number 5 (Mercury) will be proving good for people, places or names adding up to Number 5 and Number 8 (Saturn). The release date of this film is also scheduled for 14th September. That way too, this one fits the bill perfectly”.

“The film’s leading man Ranbir Kapoor is going through a good phase in his 29th year (28th September 1982) and his performance will win him tremendous appreciation, accolades, honour, awards, rewards etc. and put him in a different league after the release of this film” predicts Bhavikk further with a lot of confidence.

“Ditto for Priyanka Chopra who will once again prove her acting caliber and stamp it that she is the ‘best’ when it comes to doing varied roles as being in her 31st year (18th July 1982) it will be such ‘unconventional’ characters that will gain her the kind of love and support she must be looking for” adds Bhavikk.

“Making her debut in Bollywood with this film, debutant Illeana D’Cruz’s stars (read luck) in her 25th year are also in top form and she will not only gain acceptance, but will also be welcomed in the Hindi film industry with open arms”.

“Last but not the least, producer Ronnie Screwvala (8th June 1956) and director Anurag Basu (8th May) are both directly Number 8 person’s and that too shall rub off on the film making it a success story” signs off Bhavikk on a positive note.

Bhavikk Sangghvi is a renowned astro-numerologist.
He can be reached at:

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