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Happy Birthday Boman Irani
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He is sometimes referred to as the ‘David Williams’ of India.

From being a bakery shop owner to a photographer to a theatre and voiceover artist and now becoming a film actor – he has truly come a long way.

Our in house expert and ace astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts what’s in store for the supremely gifted and versatile Boman Irani on his 53rd birthday:

“Boman was born on 2nd December 1959 which makes him a Number 2 (Moon) person in numerology. He is a Sagittarian (ruler Jupiter – Number 3) and his destiny number also adds up to Number 2. Being ruled by this number, he is automatically ruled by Number 7 (Ketu) since these two numbers always go hand in hand”. In his case, he is ruled by Number 2 and 7 twice. Too good!” explains Bhavikk.

“Boman will now enter the 54th year of his life which indicates a comparatively lean phase with more expenses in the pipeline and less of work” predicts Bhavikk.

“His next big release Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’ will be a sure fire ‘hit’, but since he plays 1 of the 5 guys in the film, the appreciation would get divided” he adds.

“To reduce unnecessary stress, I would advise him to wear a ‘Pearl’ on his smallest finger set in silver to attain mental peace and take his decisions in a cool, calm and a composed way. Also, he should ideally spell his name as ‘BOMMAN IRANI’ to have an overall positive impact on his life” advices Bhavikk before signing off.

Bhavikk Sangghvi is a renowned astro-numerologist.
He can be reached at:

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