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Shah Rukh Khan Requests Film Journalists To Take A Joke As A Joke!
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Even though he shares a great rapport with the media, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is weary of how the media often twists his statements made in jest.

"My jokes, which are apparent, are blown out of proportion, and serious issues are trivialised, the actor said today.

‘The live interactions with the media are great- I joke and reporters are aware of the fact when I am joking. But it takes on a different meaning when it comes out the next day. Comments and statements meant as jokes are taken seriously, and serious issues are trivialised. We need to find a balance,’ he said while launching Kanika Dhillon’s debut novel- ‘Bombay Duck is a Fish (Westland)' in Bombay.

The actor said the entertainment media was running the risk being taken lightly by the public because of its sensationalistic journalism. ‘I know it’s not just the reporters, there are editors along the chain before it comes out. But the film media- generally regarded as lightweight tabloid news- needs to invoke good reading and viewing for the media. Many writers in the film media are also serious writers,’ he said.

No one in Bollywood really has the time to bear grudges as everyone is too busy working, the actor explained. Clarifying recent media reports that he claimed to be the industry’s number one star, Khan said "I had recently jokingly said my character ‘G.One’ for my upcoming film-‘Ra.One’ stood for my wife Gauri and my position as a star in the industry. It surprised me when my jokes were misconstructed in the media." He said judging by the way, the film media was desperately trying to 'create' news of friction between stars, he might actually be tempted to start a new 'fight'.

"The differences I may have with others are old and the media are still trying to rake it up. I am not trying to be nice, I’m just a nice guy", he added.

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