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Vidhu Vinod Chopra Supports ´Dekh Indian Circus´!
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Indian Cinema is changing rapidly, as Good film makers are supporting good and Interesting cinema. First Imtiaz Ali, now Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Film makers are coming out & supporting good cinema which indeed is giving a very good message to all the other new and young talent, to work hard towards their goals as the industry supports and appreciates their work, which is also helping to bring a huge change in Indian Cinema.

Cinematographer of the film 'Dekh Indian Circus' laxman Utekar ( DOP of 'BLUE') met Vidhu Vinod Chopra for some work discussion and happened to show him three & half minute promo of 'Dekh Indian Circus' and Vidhu Vinod Chopra was moreover thrilled to see the promo, and extremely appreciated it.

He saw the promo 6 times non-stop as he was stunned by the cinematography of Laxman Utekar and visualization of the director Mangesh hadawale, and of course a brilliant story, he feels if the promo of the film was so amazing and made him watch it six times, he wonders how much the audience is going to like the film as and when it releases, he wishes the whole team of 'Dekh Indian circus' a great success and He too decided to Support 'Dekh Indian Circus' with Imtiaz Ali as a presenter and Offered to attach 'Dekh Indian Circus' promo with the release of 'Ferrari ki Sawaari' which opens this Friday, 15th june 2012 and even insisted that the trailer would be screened in theatres immediately before their feature film starts.

"The film's publicity and promotion will now read Imtiaz Ali Presents 'Dekh Indian Circus'. We are happy to get the support of prominent film persons like Imtiaz Ali and Vinod Chopra.” Says Mahavir Jain.

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