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Walt Disney Studios To Release Three Films In North America!
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The Walt Disney Studios is releasing three films from India - 'Do Dooni Chaar', 'Once Upon A Warrior' and 'Zokkomon' - in North America July 26 simultaneously on DVD, video-on-demand, and digital download.

Disney was involved in production of each film. Featuring some of the most recognizable local talent from India, the mpvies will be released in their local language and subtitled in English.

Fans of Indian cinema living in every part of the US and Canada will now have more choices than ever before to see these films in the format they enjoy best, Disney said announcing the release of the films on multiple platforms.

DVDs will be in stores, Netflix, Amazon, and other places. Numerous providers are offering the films on VOD including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Verizon, AT&T, DirecTV, InDemand, TVN, Charter, Playstation, and Xbox.

And those that prefer digital download can get the films on iTunes and on other popular platforms.

'Do Dooni Chaar', a heart-warming comedy about the dreams and challenges of a middle-class family, won the National Award for Best Hindi Film of the Year and Rishi Kapoor won Best Actor award for his role in the film at last month's 2011 New York Indian Film Festival.

'Once Upon A Warrior', the first ever Disney Telugu fantasy adventure about a swashbuckling warrior on an epic quest to save a mystical young girl from a wicked Queen, features some of the most advance special effects ever made in an Indian film.

And 'Zokkomon', a thrilling Hindi action adventure film about an ordinary boy who overcomes extraordinary challenges to become a magical hero, just had a limited run in US theatres and won rave reviews from top American critics.

The Los Angeles Times said it was "a lively and engaging family film" and that "the film's tour de force is Anupam Kher in his dual roles."

Variety said "Kher's delicious double duty in his contrasting roles is both a classic Bollywood conceit and a tip of the cap to the likes of Peter Sellers, George C. Scott and Peter Ustinov," and added that "Darsheel Safary brings loads of energy and goodwill to the action."

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