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'The digital medium has already become big and is bound to become much bigger in the future' Tara Alisha Berry
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Though she has been missing from the big screen for a while now, Tara Alisha Berry is determined to make her presence felt this year in a bog way. Both her short-film 'You And I' and the web-show 'Love Lost And Confusion' are out on different digital platforms and each of them has been garnering a good number of views and positive response from the viewers. In this interview, she talks about venturing into digital medium and her two feature film releases this year.

Your web-show 'Love Lust And Confusion' and the short film 'You And I' have come out almost at the same time. What do you think about the digital medium?

I have been watching shows on Netflix for a very long time. I think, in India, people started taking the digital medium seriously after seeing the kind of success the likes of AIB and TVF had. Then, slowly the digital streaming platforms started coming to India and now there are so many of them. The biggest of stars across the world associate themselves with Netflix, so I do not think there is any reason to look down upon digital medium. It has already become big and is bound to become much bigger in the future. Victor, the director of 'Love, Lust And Confusion' has also written the show. He was very passionate about the project and it was an absolute pleasure collaborating with him.

Some people are of the opinion when a film actor does a show on a digital platform, it leads to over-exposure. What are your thoughts on this?

I shot for two films, 'Agam' and 'Hum Dono Honge Kamyaab', last year and both of them are slated to release this year. Though 'Agam' did make rounds of festivals across the globe, nobody has seen it in India yet. People did not see any of my work last year, so I think it was a great opportunity to reach out to them through the digital medium. Now, both my short film and the web-series are out and I could not have been happier.

There are some well-known names associated with 'Love Lost And Confusion'. Leslie Lewis has done the score.

Yes. There is a point in the story where Poroma, the character I play, tries to get over her fear of singing. To make the whole thing sound natural, we felt that it would be better if I sing the song myself. I went to Leslie Sir's studio and recorded the track in his presence.

'You And I' was shot on an iPhone. How was the experience of working on the film?

Since we were driving around and shooting at outdoor locations with just one phone, the one issue that we faced was transferring the footage from the phone to the laptop again and again. It was the only problem we faced and it was not a major issue as such. We had done a couple of tests shoots earlier, so we did not have any other technical issue.

You play a young, urban Bengali woman in 'Love, Lust and Confusion'. Your mom Nandinii Sen is a Bengali. Did you get a chance to rediscover your roots while playing this character?

I am half-Punjabi and grew up in cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, so as far as cultural influence goes, Poroma is very different from me. But, I could relate to her in a lot of ways. She represents all those people in their 20s who are going through a lot of confusion in their heads about career, love life and other issues.

Two of your films 'Agam' and 'Hum Dono Honge Kamyaab' are slated to release this year. Tell us something about them.

Both the films are completely different from each other. 'Agam' is about three characters and their spiritual journey in Varanasi. 'Hum Dono Honge Kamyaab' is set in Kanpur and is about the societal pressures a couple goes through. First, there is a pressure of getting married and then you are expected to have a child. The film talks about how they deal with these pressures and find love in the process.

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