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'I am a Salman Khan but that is not the only reason why I support him' Pooja Saxena
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Do you support Salman Khan on this issue?

Yes, I support him. I am a Salman Khan but that is not the only reason why I support him. He has been doing a lot of good work for the society for several years. After he launched 'Being Human', people got to know about this but even before that he had done a lot of charity and worked for the betterment of the society.

Do you think he should be dealt with in a lenient manner because he does charity?

I do not think he could have committed such a heinous crime as he is very empathetic towards people in general. People love him and wish well for him and that is the reason why he is a free man today. There are several people in our society who have committed grave crimes and yet, no action is taken against them. Why should Salman Khan be punished when there is no conclusive evidence against him?

What was your reaction when you heard that he is out on bail?

I felt very happy. Good things happen to good people. People are saying negative things and spreading baseless rumours about him as he is a public figure. They are not happy with the fact that he is out on bail. Like several of his fans, I am relieved to see him out of the jail. I respect the law and the judiciary and I am hopeful that they will take the right decision eventually.

Do you think he is paying the price for being a star?

Some people must be jealous because of his stardom and do not wish well for him. He is always in the spotlight as he is a public figure. Every person changes with time. I don't what he did in his younger days but today, he is a fine human being who is doing a lot for the society.

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