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Shaka Laka Boom Boom
Producer: Suneel Darshan
Director: Suneel Darshan
Starring: Bobby Deol, Upen Patel, Celina Jaitley, Kangna Ranaut, Asrani, and Anupam Kher
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Sameer
Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kunal Ganjawala Alisha Chinoy, and Earl D\'Souza
Audio On: T-Series    Number of Songs: 14
Album Released on: 27 February 2007
Reviewed by: Gianysh Toolsee  - Rating: 5.5 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 410 listeners)
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Welcome to the ‘Shakalaka Boom Boom’ days with Himesh Reshammiya, Sameer and Suneel Darshan! The man who has perfected the hook line style of composing is playing it safe working only with reputed directors and has cut down significantly on his assignments. The complete change in style in Himesh Reshammiya’s work is yet to be seen although he promises that he will innovate. In the mean time, the industry is still waiting for the next big hit from the composer.

Although it is quite difficult to compose along the lines of ‘Shakalaka Boom Boom’, various composers have dared to use the words in such a title. Vengaboys tried ‘Shalala LaLa’ with a catchy rhythm and sweet chorus and they successfully made it on everyone lips. Inner Circle tested Sweat (A La La La La Long) which was a peppy track! A.R Rahman composed ‘Shakalaka Baby’ in Nayak and it was a hit.

Now it’s the turn of Reshammiya to play with the Shakalaka Boom Boom title. For someone who has repeated ‘Aaja Aaja’ (refer to Jhalak Dikhlaja) so many times in song, expect some fun and repetition in this title track!

Himesh Reshammiya tames the tongue and is back with the weird, difficult and at times stupid ‘Shaka laka Boom Boom’. It is confirmed from T-Series that there is no recording mishap as Himesh repeats ‘Shakalaka Laka’ in a panic mode. In fact, the words ‘Laka Laka Laka’ is sung endlessly leaving listeners bewildered and even shocked! Reshammiya gets into a repeat mode frenzy of the catchy hook line like never-seen-before and fully loses control over the words. Helpless Sameer can’t advise the popular singer not to repeat the lines over 4-5 times as this is HIS style. The song takes off excellently with Earl providing the rap vocals while Himesh switches to the high pitch rendering of the stretching ‘Tere Binaaaa’!

The song completely loses steam after the first interlude with the singer trying to be too cool. No doubt the song has the popular trademark style but the song seems too forced. Lyrics seem cut and paste to fit the tune. Akriti Kakkar’s supportive vocals are spicy. The remixed version pumps up the energy and results into a pretty decent electrifying dance floor number although the beats in the background are repetitive over the track.

Keeping the formulaic style alive, Himesh Reshammiya is back with the potential chartbuster called Dil Lagaayenge. Get ready to discover the new sounds of the improved Reshammiya. Bring on the banjo, program the keyboards on techno settings and switch on all the synthesizers. The banjo element is extremely catchy and the rock design of the song is a plus point. One of best parts is the second interlude, where the two rock guitars compete for 15 seconds with each other! Himesh slowly goes for a change in style with the singing. Don’t miss the remixed version!

The only complete and beautifully composed song in the soundtrack is ‘Thaare Vaaste'. Rendered by Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan, Reshammiya adds funky music and ensures that it is rhythmic enough. The track is enjoyable till the end with a lively music and with a great singing performance by the popular duo. The remixed version is passable.

There is sadness in the voice of Himesh Reshammiya in 'Naamumkin' as he tries to bring back the magic of the sentimental songs of his album. The usual tabla, sarangi and soft rock sounds make this one strictly average. Reshammiya’s singing does not help the song in any way. The remixed version is slightly better with additional pop sounds and electronic orchestration. Strictly for hard-core Reshammiya fans!

Originally this soundtrack was to be released on Shree Krishna Audio (the producer’s own audio label) and thus Suneel Darshan had all this space to experiment with the soundtrack and song placements. It is at the last minute that T-Series bought the audio rights. Check this out: Instead of flooding the soundtrack with remixes of each original song, a new concept is used here. The next five songs are composed only with the mukhda and are mixed together in a Medley Remix. Good strategy as Reshammiya’s forte has always been his catchy mukhdas; which can solely render his songs hits. Case in points: Zara Jhoom Jhoom and Junoon Junoon.

Issi Umeed Pe brings back the energetic Shaan as the singer and Himesh Reshammiya as the composer, like in the good old Zameen (2003) days. Amateurish, incomplete and lacking stamina, the short song doesn’t contain any punch although the tune has the right kick to set the night clubs rocking, if properly orchestrated. Listen to this one in the Medley Remix!

Saathiya is a complete no-no with Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan! Firstly, the start is too abrupt and secondly it is a 100% situational number with very poor lyrics! Stuff like ‘How Can I Live Without You Saathiya?’ is outdated.

The worst short song is undoubtedly Aaj Nahin To Kaal which brings the talented duo of Shaan and Alisha Chinai. The poor style of composing is really a put off. Lyrics wise, it’s a disaster. But the Medley Remix adds the beats to give the tune a different finish.

Shaan starts Rukhsat with no prelude and it turns out to be pretty mediocre overall. The track is too short and the orchestration is pretty standard.

Melody and rhythm make an excellent combination in this superb short number called Tera Sona, with Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan giving in their best! An extremely catchy background score is heard with rock sounds and the trademark pleasing Reshammiya piece of music!

If short doses of the above songs were not enough, then enjoy the Medley Remix, which is spicy, energetic and techno-centric. ‘Issi Umeed Pe’, ‘Aaj Nahin To Kaal’, ‘Saathiya’, ‘Rukhsat’ and ‘Tera Sona’ are all baked together into a nice remix. Not to be missed!

Given the theme of the movie where two singers compete with each other, Suneel Darshan has concentrated mainly on the short songs composed by Reshammiya. Barring the title track, ‘Dil Lagaayenge,’ ’Thaare Vaaste', 'Naamumkin’ and the ‘Medley Remix’, the soundtrack lacks a real score for such a musical theme. The short songs are very situational in nature. For the first time after the explosion in popularity of Reshammiya, that another singer sharing singing credits with the composer, is under the spotlight and it’s Shaan. ‘Thaare Vaaste' and ‘Issi Umeed Pe’ are tailor-made for him and he does full justice to them.

Reshammiya is definitely trying something new with the compositions and is getting away from this Aksar formulaic songs. This is a first good step to innovate. However, will the new style click with the audience? For this question, there is no answer yet. Though some of the songs score high marks in composition and orchestration, they lack this addictive or repeat value present previously. The magic the composer spelt in his albums in 2006 is not present anymore. It has either vanished for good or is about to come in his next releases.

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