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Producer: Mukesh Bhatt
Director: Vikram Bhatt
Starring: Faraaz Khan, intr. Suman Ranganathan, intr. Milind Gunanji, Ashok Lath, Kunika
Music: Jatin - Lalit
Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri
Genre: Suspense
Recommended Audience: Parental Guidance
Reviewed by: Tanmeet Kumar  - Rating: 8.0 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.13 / 10 (rated by 412 viewers)
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FAREB may be a copy of the Hollywood hit UNLAWFUL ENTRY but is made just as well, till the last minute of the film. FAREB is the story of a police officer stalking a young couple because of his obsession with the wife. What really moves the film along is its direction, acting, and story. The movie begins with a robber breaking into the house of a wealthy Dr. Rohit Varma (FARAAZ KHAN) and his wife, Suman (SUMAN RANGANATHAN) in the middle of the night. The couple wakes up and goes to see what the racket is. When the chor is found, he grabs Suman and threatens to kill her if Rohit does not let him escape. He escapes and a very frightened Rohit calls the police. When the Inspector Indar (MILIND GUNANJI) and his partner Ashok (ASHOK LATH) arrive, they tell Dr. Varma that it is no big deal and that they will try to catch the robber. Inspector Indar´s laziness enrages Rohit and he is yelling at the inspectors. The policemen are about to leave but then, Indar spots Suman. He instantly falls in love with her and apologizes to Rohit about his effort. He tells Rohit that he will keep an eye on his house for a while and will catch the thief. Suman invites him and Ashok in for tea. Suman and Indar feel grateful to Indar and invite him to dinner to show their appreciation. After the dinner party, the three instantly become friendly until Indar makes a comment about Suman having a child. Suman explains that she can not have children and Indar apologizes. At this point, Rohit looked guiltily at Suman. Then, feeling the tension, Indar leaves. Rohit catches up with him and tells him that all is well. Indar then invites him to a stag party. After the party, Indar takes Rohit to a slummy section of town where he corners the thief that broke into Rohit´s house. Indar shows his first sign of craziness as he brutally murders the thief after severe torture. Rohit is disgusted as he tries to stop the violent display and asks to be taken home. Before he leaves the car, Rohit asks Indar why he killed the thief and Indar replies because he tried to kill Suman. Rohit then goes inside to Suman and explains to her what happened and tells her to stay away from Indar. Suman cannot understand why killing a criminal who tried to kill her is wrong and accuses Rohit of being paranoid. Then Indar plays on Suman´s sympathy and starts turning her against Rohit. She tells Indar all her secret problems, like why she cannot have children, which Indar uses against Rohit. Indar is so crazy for Suman that he pays a prostitute (KUNIKA) to pretend to be Suman and then beats the hell out of her when she does not "play her part" right. Rohit eventually learns that this demented man is after his wife but he can´t do anything because Indar is a well respected officer. Suddenly, one day, the police come to the Varma house with a search warrant and find drugs that Indar planted. Rohit is falsely accused of possession and is in police custody while Suman is all alone in that big house at night with no one protecting her from the crazed Indar...

FAREB is definitely one movie that deserves to be a super hit. Faraaz has done a great job portraying the jealous husband. Suman looks very sexy and beautiful and has worked wonders with her role as the wife. She really surprised me with her gorgeous looks and her drop dead acting, especially at the climax of the film. She will be BIG in Bollywood. The show stopping performer however, is Milind Gunanji. Milind has done a perfect job portraying the psycho cop. This guy will go far and already has a few movies in his bag like SALMA PE DIL AAGAYA with Saadhika and MIL GAYEE MANZIL MUJHE with Meenakshi. He was nominated for best villain in this years Filmfare Awards. In my opinion, he has done a much better job then the gifted Nana Patekar in AGNI SAKSHI, who has the psychopath roles cut out for him. The music is simply breathtaking. This makes Jatin - Lalit´s fourth winner after DDLJ, Khamoshi: The Musical and Return Of Jewel Thief - (simply a brilliant album). "YEH TERI AANKHEN", sung by the awesome Abhijeet, is a fabulous song that was picturized very well in the film as was "AANKHON SE DIL ME". "O HAMSAFAR" is a slow, melodious track gaining popularity in India fast, though it was not picturized well at all and was just stuck in at the beginning of the movie. Direction by Vikram Bhatt is excellent as is the acting.

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