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Producer: Sanjay Khan
Director: Snajay Khan
Starring: Raj Kapoor, Sanjay Khan, Zeenat Aman, Danny Denzongpa, Mehmood, Master Rajeev Bhatia, Farida Jalal, Leela Mishra, Sujit Kumar, Gufi Paintal, Om Prakash, Bob Christo, Helen, Kader Khan, Rakesh Pandey, Mukri, Jezebel, Dheeraj Kumar, Madan Puri, Nazir Hussain and Sanjeev Kumar.
Music: R D Burman
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Genre: Drama
Recommended Audience: General
Reviewed by: Pranay Bhagat  - Rating: 7.0 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 410 viewers)
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It is always a big challenge when you have a gamut of good supporting stars and not that good a script to do justice to everyone. Abdullah disappoints in that area. Sanjay Khan paid more attention to the dancing gypsies and some skin show by his female stars than the script itself which lacks continuity and the film disappoints despite some excellent music by R D Burman and some towering performances by Raj Kapoor and Danny Denzongpa.

The film begins with a young couple Rakesh Pandey and Farida Jalal moving to the Gulf to make some good money and promising Leela Mishra to return to India in time for the birth of their first born child. They are expecting their first child and are about to return to India when their village is attacked by the gang of notorious dacoit Shakeel (Danny). The husband is killed and wife goes into a state of shock. Ameer (Sanjeev Kumar) offers to take the would be mother to the city to a hospital along with his caravan and is supposed to make a stop at Abdullah’s (Raj Kapoor) abode. Abdullah lives alone in the middle of a desert with a camel couple and two goats and also has a well which has water all through the year.

Meanwhile the police force led by Kader Khan calls for help from Mohammed (Sanjay Khan) to tackle Shakeel’s menace. Mohammed has his own band of troops which includes Sujit Kumar and Gufi Paintal, all wasted with just a couple of dialogues and all they do is just ride their horses. Then there is Mohammed’s girlfriend Zainab (Zeenat Aman) who exchanges love letters with her fiancée and gets married to him.

Abdullah advises Ameer against taking the night trip from his house but Ameer does not heed his advice and is attacked by Shakeel who not only kills all the members of his caravan but fatally injures the heavily pregnant Farida Jalal. Abdullah comes to the rescue and delivers the child who is named Krishna by his dying mother. Though a divine intervention is shown, the divine power is never seen being used by the child for the rest of the movie. The child is brought up as a Hindu by Abdullah even as Mohammed tries to catch Shakeel for the rest of the movie. Then there are brief cameos by Mukri and Om Prakash even as Shakeel guided by his evil friend Bob Christo tries to abduct Krishna who is held the reason for his downfall.

Performance wise the director fails to do justice to the heavy support cast. Madan Puri and Mehmood are totally wasted. I could not even spot Dheeraj Kumar in the whole movie despite his name appearing in the star cast. Sanjeev Kumar has a small but effective role. Kader Khan has just one scene in the whole movie and Helen comes for one dance number. Raj Kapoor and Danny are able to do full justice to their roles and give some compelling performances in their scenes. Raj Kapoor is really good even when he talks to his camels and goats and with his green eyes and heavy body really looks the part in one of his final roles as an actor.

The film is saved by some good music by R D Burman and the songs by Rafi, Maine Poocha Chand Se or by Kishore, Ae Khuda Har Faisla both pictured on Sanjay Khan became super hit which may have saved the movie. Asha Bhosale renders Jashne Bahara filmed on Helen. Manna Dey sings the soulful Mera Dil Meri Jaan filmed on Abdullah and Krishna. The only good thing in the movie is the chemistry between Abdullah and the little child.

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