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Murder 3
Producer: Vishesh FIlms
Director: Vishesh Bhatt
Starring: Randeep Hooda, Sohaib Hasnain, Aditi Rao Hydari, Sara Loren
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri
Singers: K.K. Shafqat Amanat Ali, Nikhil D Souza, Mustafa Zahid
Audio On: Sony Music    Number of Songs: 7
Album Released on: 01 February 2013
Reviewed by: Atta Khan  - Rating: 7.5 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.11 / 10 (rated by 410 listeners)
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When Pritam releases a soundtrack music fans expect some good songs but when he releases a soundtrack for Vishesh Bhatt films you expect the extraordinary and his superb record is testament to this claim! So it’s strange that this is Pritam’s first album for the Murder series of films…the first one being produced by Anu Malik in 2004 (and very good it was too) then lately Murder 2 was produced by Harshit Saxena and Mithoon (decent). Can Pritam topple this list and make Murder 3 the best album of the trilogy? Interestingly he only uses male playback singers for his latest soundtrack but having said that they are some of the best names in the business as is the lyricist, Sayeed Quadri. Excited? Of course you are!

Vishesh Film songs are all about melody, emotions and impact. So the opener “Teri Jhuki Nazar” features an in form Shafqat Amanat Ali whose exquisite vocals will put a spell on you as he evokes this passionate song with effortless charm. Hell the music might not sound fresh but it’s so chilled out and breezy, why should you care? So just sit back and enjoy this fab lounge number as Pritam’s beats, guitars and of course juggernaut singer relax your mind and soul…There’s a “Teri Jhuki Nazar (Film Version)” later in the album. Not to be missed. Quadri saab's poetic majesty is worth a mention too:

"Chaahe Kuch Na Kehna
(Bhale Chup Tu Rehna(
Mujhe Hai Pata Tere Pyaar Ka
(Khamosh Chehra (Aankhon Pe Pehra
(Khud Hai Gawah Tere Pyaar Ka
Teri Jhuki Nazar Teri Har Ada(
Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Dastan(
Koi Shakhs Hai Jo Ki In Dino
(Tere Zehan-O-Dil Pe Hai Chaa Gaya
( Teri Jhuki Nazar Teri Har Ada
(Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Yeh Dastaan"

My word if you thought Shafqat was good in the previous song then wait till you hear “Mat Aazma Re” where K.K. is absolutely MINDBLOWING yaar! Pritam certainly knows it because he gives him arguably the best tune to sing to where you have violins meshed into beats giving an addictive effect that doesn’t let go of you anytime soon. You can’t but help hitting the repeat button. Lyrics are the sort that seem simple at first but on repeated listening you know they are going to pull your heartstrings, hats off to Sayeed Quadri:

”Mat Aazma Re, Phir Se Bula Re
Apna Bana Le, Hoon Beqaraar
Tujhko Hi Chaha, Dil Hai Ye Karta
Aa Betahasta, Tujhse Hi Pyaar
Hasratein Baar-Baar Baar-Baar Yaar Ki Karo
Khwahishein Baar-Baar Baar-Baar Yaar Ki Karo
Chahatein Baar-Baar Baar-Baar Yaar Ki Karo
Mannatein Baar-Baar Baar-Baar Yaar ki Karo…”

But I’m just speechless at K.K’s rendition here, the way he evokes the chorus and “baar baar” loops are just WOW! With some fine performances he is an early contender for male playback singer of 2013.

I feel sorry for Nikhil D’Souza because this young protégé is up against some great performers in the album so far. So it’s a credit to him that he shines brightly in the next song “Jaata Hai Tujh Tak” . The tempo has definitely picked up here as Pritam focuses more on the groove factor than the emotional quotient of the previous songs. Either way it’s a blast from start to end and thoroughly enjoyable. Nikhil rocks in the “Jaata Hai Tujh Tak (Film Version)” . Another song with lots of impact.

After three original songs we have a bonus offering from Mustafa Zahid, the Pakistani artist (with band Roxen) who previously made some fine songs for Vishesh Film (Awarapan). “Hum Jee Lenge” is all about multiple guitar riffs oozing melody for Mustafa Zahid’s emotional rendition. Sayeed Quadri’s lines are top notch as usual. Awesome bonus song. "Hum Jee Lenge (Rock Version)" is even better than the original!

Pritam doesn’t experiment with Vishesh films so you should already expect this kind of music. If you don’t like it then no offence you are not the target audience but if you are a fan then you will listen again and again like a crazed addict! That’s the effect of Pritam’s music for Vishesh Films and he hits the bullseye with all three songs thanks to the performances of his stalwart singers and lyrical genius that is Sayeed Quadri. Mustafa Zahid’s contribution is also a great bonus and stands out as one of the highlights. Overall there's nothing to dislike here so expect all the songs to be hogging the charts soon - in fact soundtracks like these should come with a health warning. Just turn up that volume and...ENJOY!

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