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Love Sex Aur Dhokha
Producer: Ekta Kapoor
Director: Dibakar Banerjee
Starring: Arya Banerjee, Neha Chauhan, Anshuman Jha, Atul Mongia, Shruti, Amit Sial, Herry Tangdi and Raj Kumar Yadav,
Music: Sneha Khanwalker
Lyrics: Dibakar Banerjee
Singers: Kailash Kher, Sneha Khanwalker, Nihira Joshi, Amey Dale
Audio On: Sony Music    Number of Songs: 8
Album Released on: 15 March 2010
Reviewed by: Samir Dave  - Rating: 7.5 / 10
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Public Rating Average: 5.1 / 10 (rated by 411 listeners)
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Ekta Kapoor’s latest titillating film, “Love Sex Aur Dhokha” (LSD) opens soon and promises a scandalous look at the world that we live in today. It’s a world where sexuality has been ripped out into the open by technology and a world in which we revel in our overt sexuality in ways that older generations frown upon…particularly in India.

The film directed by Dibakar Banerjee has the creepy tagline, “You’re Being Watched” and has a cast of unknowns (perhaps because the topic and scenes were too racy for established actors). One thing is for sure, it’s definitely not for the prudes in the Bollywood film audience, and you might need to take a shower to wash off the sexual grime after seeing the movie.

So, in the days when music is used for promotional purposes and consists of a catchy refrain repeated multiple times over a techno beat (perfect for commercials, not so much for fans of good music), how is the music for LSD? It’s just as wild ‘n’ crazy as unbridled kinky passion can be and most definitely worth multiple…listens.

“Dev D” paved the way for this kind of pseudo sensual darkness on the silver screen, it was and is an avante-garde musical soundtrack that LSD uses as a platform to push itself in another more perverse direction.

Kudos to the director for having the courage to not go down the typical musical lane, rather to sign up the fairly unknown Sneha Khanvalkar (one of the very few female music directors in India), of “Oye Lucky!Lucky Oye!”. She’s also composed music for “Go” and “Sarkar Raj” (trust Ram Gopal Varma to recognize a talented newcomer when he sees one).

So what do we get? Well dim the lights to turn on whatever you want to turn on…and let’s take a listen to “Love Sex Aur Dokha”.

First up, the title track, “Love Sex Aur Dhokha”: the absolutely amazing track that begins with a scream, and the sound of a gunshot that is just the beginning of a strangely hypnotic beat that will take you down a dirty crazy sensual lane. Then come the drums (yes, real drums and not a drum pad). The always great Kailash Kher gives voice to the crazed lyrics (by director Dibakar Banerjee) which include phrases like, “Saans ye meri bhaamph hai baby garam agan ka jhoka…..kaatke rakh doonga agar tune judne se roka….Love Sex Aur Dokha darling, Love Sex Aur Dokha” The last part repeated to hypnotic Sufi affect by Kailash. Just an absolutely insane track (punctuated by the odd hichki like sounds emitted by the lead singer throughout), this one is not to be missed. Whew, take a cold shower after you listen to this one baby!

With a great bombastic charged track like the title song, one would think the next track would be a letdown or drop in quality, but that’s not the case, as “Tainu TV Pe Vekhya” is Punjab folk at it’s playful best. Dhols and western drums are used to good effect to create the beat that will have you moving your body in ways reminiscent of the throes of passion. I am in a Sufi induced daze, and the lyrics by Banerjee (like “TV….TV..TV…ban ja biwi….”) are pop shot snap on.

Next up is another one of my favorites from the album, “I Can’t Hold It”, which starts out innocently enough with flutes and excellent use of scratching which is used throughout like a kinky instrument. The vocals, by the music director herself are full of crazy naughtiness (desire) and desperation as she sings, “I can’t hold it any longer…. kunwar saa band ye kivada, khol khol ko…matko ye rasko, ghol ghol go…nahin to…F.O..F.O..F.O.”. Don’t miss the clever if controversial use of F.O. during the track, begging censorship from the Bolly censors for it’s underlying meaning. It’s folk, it’s on the edge and incredibly catchy. Rajasthani folk meets the modern woman.

The fourth track on this groovy album is, “Mohabbat Bollywood Style” and brings the soundtrack to the more traditional sound that we are used to from romantic Bollywood films, but with a wry commentary all its own courtesy of lyricist Banerjee. The track cleverly plays and turns the romantic song genre on its tail and is sung innocently enough by Nihira Joshi and Amey Dale. It starts out with the typical Yash Chopra mandolin, dhols and lyrics that mention that the common SRK name, Rahul. From the romantic Yash Choprafied melody we move to the twist ‘n’ turn of Shammi Kapoor (and the more recent “Zoobie Doobie” from “3 Idiots”). The lyrics play with the music and vice versa as the mandolin returns for “suhaag raat”. Worth a listen or two, but it’s certainly not as cutting edge as the other tracks on this album.

Just when you think the album has peaked, we get the fifth track that will burn itself into your insane membrane, “Tu Gandi Achchi Lagti Hai”, which originally was titled, “Tu Nangi Achchi Lagti Hai”, but was changed due to heavy criticism. Honestly, it’s a crazy title (lyric) even with the replacement of nangi with gandi, and the track doesn’t lose its visceral impact. Kailash Kher returns with this track and sings words you never thought you’d hear come out of his mouth. I felt dirty after listening to this track, and I’ve heard a lot worse. The music relies on an electric guitar rock sound in the foreground supported by a retro disco beat in the back. It shouldn’t work, but it does, creating an immensely catchy and likable track with a killer melody. Lyrics by Banerjee like, “Tu gandi achhi lagti hai, tu bandi achhi lagti hai…Tu kali si kachhi, tu tali si machhi lagti hai… Sach sach main bolne wala hoon, main mann ka behad kala hoon…” Yeeeeeeeouch! Tell me this track doesn’t get every in man in the house nodding his head in agreement! Play it loud and play it loud brothers!

Rounding out the album, we have previously released tracks by Kailash Kher's group Kailasha, “Na Batati Tu” and “Tauba Tauba” plus a remix of the LSD title track (which really destroys the creative ingenuity of the original).

Now, that the lights have dimmed, you’ve sweat in places you never knew you could sweat before, and the strange dirty sound of a saxophone is playing in the background as the hot breath of your loved one teases you across your face, you can hit the replay button for “Love Sex Aur Dhokha”, a dirty, catchy, melodic soundtrack that will stick in your mind long after the music has died down. Music director Sneha Khanvalkar handles sexiness, kinkiness and adult themes, all without being sleazy. Though not for the prudes in the audience, anyone who likes catchy lyrics and music that pushes the envelope will be in for a hot ride.

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