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Producer: Gulshan Rai
Music: Viju Shah
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

Contributed by Ali Ikram


'Aa-ya-ya-ya-ya-aa!' Sorry folks, didn't mean to scare you. I'm just really happy to announce the release of the music for the long-awaited Rajiv Rai flick 'Gupt'. This film's music does not at all disappoint listeners and will probably ranks as the hippest and most exuberant film score of 1997.

The music for 'Gupt' is provided by Viju Shah, who did Rajiv Rai's earlier 'Mohra', 'Vishwatma' and 'Tridev' also. The music is on par with all of these earlier films. It reflects the joie de vivre of us youngsters, through techno beats and the instrumental score is also able to aptly convey the danger of the film's murder- mystery theme.

Rather than continuing to exalt about the score, let me give you a run-down of the songs of the film, in order of my views on their quality.

1) Mushkil Bada Yeh Pyar Hai sung by Alka and Udit Narayan is a mind-blowing number with great percussive backbeats. Alka proves in this song that she has the vocals that can give all her contemporaries a run for their money. The lyrics by Anand Bakshi are very ingenious and involve multiple single word rhyming lines. Simply, an unforgettable song!!

2) Gupt Gupt is sung very ably by today's number one female singer Kavita Krishnamurthy and the background vocals are provided by Hema Sardesai and Chetan. (The 'Aa-ya-ya... I mentioned above is a recurring background line in most of the film's songs.) The film's title song has the best usage of instruments from the entire film score. Considering that the film has got so many great instrumental songs, this is a really big treat.

3) Yeh Pyaasi Mohabbat is an erotically charged solo sung with gusto again by Alka, and reflects the theme of unrequitted love (at least I think it does). Interesting to note that if you listen to the background score it sounds like the lady is in a secluded area (the jungle perhaps) and being chased by hounds. (Or maybe it is just my imagination.)

4) Duniya Haseeno Ka Mela by Udit and Sunita Rao (background vocals) is remniscent of Rajiv Rai's earlier films and is lso a greeat song.

5) Yeh Pyaar Kya Hai has competitors Alka and Kavita singing with Kumar Sanu. All the singers do their jobs very well. The song starts off with an interesting flute prelude and is a romantic ballad.

6) Mere Sanam Mujhko has the neglected Sadhana Sargam singing a duet with Udit Narayan. It is a simple love song.

7) Mere Khabo Mein Tu is the only song in the film that didn't make me jump up on my seat. It is a good song, nonetheless and perhaps with a great video with one of the film's heroines, I'll like it more.

If you are still sitting there without the CD for 'Gupt', I'm surprised. I don't think I've understressed the fun of this film album. With a star cast including the gorgeous, red hot and talented girls, Manisha and Kajol, and a hunk like Bobby Deol, I have a feeling the music and film are going to be among the biggest hits of 1997.

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