Kabhi Na Kabhi

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Director: Priyadarshan
Music: AR Rahman
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Contributed by Sunder

KABHI NA KABHI .... it had to happen "sometime or the other" that A R Rahman's music would be more than just music, it would be a union of poetry, tunes, orchestra, and voices. In the very aptly titled KABHI NA KABHI, Javed Akhtar's lyrics do wonders to a first rate score, that is extremely catchy, easy, and light.

The CD opens with a catchy, throbbing friendship song "Yaara Dildaara", sung by Chitra, S P Bala, and Hariharan. The tune is a little unlike Rahman. Javed Akhtar lyrics bring the song alive. The spirit and joy reminds one of that R D Burman-Javed Akhtar number from Saagar "Yunhi Gaate Raho".

"Shukriyaa Tera Shukriyaa" starts with Rahman-style opera with violins and chorus effects, before settling to a nice and easy beat. Sung amicably by S P Bala (pardon the little accent), the lyrics by Javed Akhtar contribute to this song in a big way. Again, there is a remarkable reminiscence to "Hum Na Samjhe The" from Gardish, and "Sach Mere Yaar Hai" from Saagar - both RD-Javed-SP numbers. The R D influence in this album is a welcome change to Rahman.

"Tu Hi Tu" by M G Sreekumar and Chitra has a fast beat, strains of classical music in the background, and soft slow singing in the foreground. This creates for a sound of music which is very Rahman. Meaningful lyrics and competent singing contribute to making this song a different experience which Rahman has tried in Tamil, but is new to Hindi.

What comes next is some exquisite singing by Asha Bhosle. Rahman has struck a chord with her voice, and his music and Javed's lyrics accentuate that voice in this potential chartbuster. "Mere Dil Ka Tu Shehzaada" is easily the most instantly catchy song in the album, but the others slowly grow on your ears, and even surpass this one.

"Mil Gayee Mil Gayee Woh Manzilen" is an old tune for Rehman (it was in the dubbed film Tu Hi Mera Dil), but Rahman has reorchestrated the tune set to beautiful words penned by Javed Akhtar. Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik are good, but they are playing a supporting role to a great tune and orchestration.

The last song in the album, "Tum Ho Meri Nigahon Mein" is arguably the best, sung brilliantly by Hariharan. This is very a slow, soft and silent love song beautifully orchestrated as always by Rahman. Add Javed Akhtar poetry, and Hariharan's caressing vocals to the minimum use of background instruments, and we have an absolute gem. Its a pity that such songs dont always make it to the charts.

In all KABHI NA KABHI is a must-buy CD, and what really strikes you after listening to this, is the simplicity of the tunes, and the rich combination of great music and lyrics. Though KABHI NA KABHI is still not in the league of Yash Chopra's classic KABHI KABHI, it is surely one of the best, if not the best of the year so far.

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