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Top 10 Songs of the Week - 12 Oct 2009
  A.R Rahman progresses with Blue; Shamir Tandon creates an impact!
  - Gianysh Toolsee
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Sajid-Wajid is in form this Diwali with the melodious `Don`t Say Alvida` in Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna. Himesh Reshammiya maintains his position, despite the competition. On his side, Pritam already has two songs in the chart; All The Best is doing relatively well, while Tum Mile has been doing good business since Day 1 of its release. It is Shamir Tandon who impresses with Acid Factory and the Lata Mangeshkar`s song in Jail.

Vishal-Shekhar`s Aladin is struggling to make a mark, as the soundtrack caters for a small audience.

The recently released Jail, with music by Shamir Tandon and Sharib-Toshi is a mixed bag. Tips Films` Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, which has music by Pritam, is mainly situational.

# 10
 Daata Sun Le (Contemporary Remix)  Singers: Lata Mangeshkar  Best time to listen: Late night
 Film: Jail  PB Music Rating: 6.0 out of 10  Public Rating (by 410 listeners): 5.11
 Music: Shamir Tandon, Sharib Shabri, Toshi Shabri  Lyrics: Sharib Toshi, Sandeep Nath, Ajay Kumar Garg, Turaz  Audio On: T-Series
Why did they call it a Contemporary Remix? This one is better than the original version, as the orchestration is fresher. Lata Mangeshkar sings the best track of the soundtrack. Composed by Shamir Tandon, the melodious song is very familiar with A.R Rahman`s `Ek Tu Hi Bharosa` from Pukar.

# 9
 Ek Haqeqat Tum Lagte Ho  Singers: Javed Ali, Lavanya  Best time to listen: At night
 Film: Shaabash! You Can Do It
Once again, Javed Ali is heard in this melodious number, which didn`t enjoy a good promotion by the record company. Very reminiscent of the 90`s, Lavanya supports the main singer well.

# 8
 Tu Hi Haqeeqat  Singers: Javed Ali, Irfan Ashraf, Shadab  Best time to listen: Anytime
 Film: Tum Mile  PB Music Rating: 8.5 out of 10  Public Rating (by 411 listeners): 5.1
 Music: Pritam  Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri, Kumaar  Audio On: Sony
Javed Ali is back again! `Tu Hi Haqeeqat` is one of the best songs of the soundtrack.

# 7
 What’s Your Raashee - Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain  Singers: Sohail Sen  Best time to listen: Anytime
 Film: What`s Your Raashee?  PB Music Rating: 8.5 out of 10  Public Rating (by 411 listeners): 5.1
 Music: Sohail Sen  Lyrics: Javed Akhtar  Audio On: Sony Music
The movie didn`t click with the audience but the songs have! Sohail Sen defies all odds and produces a fresh soundtrack, in synch with the theme of the movie.

# 6
 Iktara  Singers: Kavita Seth, Amitabh Bhattacharya  Best time to listen: Morning
 Film: Wake Up Sid  PB Music Rating: 7.0 out of 10  Public Rating (by 412 listeners): 5.11
 Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Amit Trivedi (Guest)  Lyrics: Javed Akhtar, Amitabh Bhattacharya (Guest)  Audio On: Sony BMG
With the movie making waves at the box office, the soundtrack is also doing well. Composed by Amit Trivedi, the number is today very popular.

Amit Trivedi is the current generation of talented music composers and he re-iterates the fact again with his soulful composition titled ‘Iktara’ in this Shankar-Eshaan-Loy soundtrack. Stuck at number 4 in the CD, the composer showcases that a number in the CD sleeve does not matter as long as the song is good! With the talented Kavita Seth in her usual avatar and Amitabh Bhattacharya providing the exceptional male vocals, ‘Iktara’ is a pleasant four minute journey; with plenty of good vibes! The semi-classical genre mixed with soft-rock is another winning formula. Listen to the long synthesizer music nearing the end of the song. Simply fantastic!

# 5
 Yeh Jism  Singers: Anchal Datta Bhatia, Raaj  Best time to listen: Late night
 Film: Acid Factory  PB Music Rating: 7.0 out of 10  Public Rating (by 410 listeners): 5.11
 Music: Shamir Tandon, Bappa Lahiri, Gourav Dasgupta, Manasi Scott , Ranjit Barot  Lyrics: Virag Mishra, Manasi Scott, Amitabh Bhattacharya  Audio On: Junglee Music
Shamir Tandon has gone the extra mile in composing this mysterious tune, with pumping beats. Lead singers Anchal Datta Bhatia and Raaj, are commendable in their performances. The remix is even better!

# 4
 Haan Hain Jitni Martaba  Singers: K.K, Yashita  Best time to listen: Anytime
 Film: All The Best  PB Music Rating: 7.5 out of 10  Public Rating (by 410 listeners): 5.11
 Music: Pritam  Lyrics: Kumaar  Audio On: T-Series
K.K returns to his trademark style in this beautifully composed number by Pritam.

# 3
 Rehnuma  Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal  Best time to listen: At night
 Film: Blue  PB Music Rating: 8.0 out of 10  Public Rating (by 412 listeners): 5.11
 Music: A.R. Rahman  Lyrics: Abbas Tyrewala, Mayur Puri, Rajat Arora, Sukhwinder Singh, Raqueeb Alam  Audio On: T-Series
The romantic duo of Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal returns in his Rahman meets James Bond type of music. The composer essays something different with the voices of the talented singers and the outcome is good!

# 2
 Mann Ka Radio  Singers: Himesh Reshammiya  Best time to listen: Anytime
 Film: Radio  PB Music Rating: 8.0 out of 10  Public Rating (by 411 listeners): 5.1
 Music: Himesh Reshammiya  Lyrics: Subrat Sinha  Audio On: T-Series
New releases come and go, but Himesh stays! The star power of Himesh Reshammiya has been maintaining the soundtrack in the chart for months now. ‘Mann Ka Radio’ is a confirmed hit! This again proves that the Himesh Reshammiya`s brand is doing well.

The track concentrates on the middle-octave voice of the singer, with an increasing emphasis on the higher notes in the ‘antaras’. The orchestration, arrangements and programming are typically Himesh.

    .... And the No.1 Recommended Song of this Week is:
# 1
 Dont Say Alvida  Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal  Best time to listen: At night
 Film: Main Aurr Mrs Khanna  PB Music Rating: 7.0 out of 10  Public Rating (by 410 listeners): 5.11
 Music: Sajid-Wajid  Lyrics: Jalees Sherwani, Junaid Wasi, Arun Bhairav  Audio On: T-Series
After several weeks in the chart, `Don’t Say Alvida` gains the first spot. Sajid-Wajid has worked very hard on this melody as well as on the voices of Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam. The song also shows that melody always win in the long run. The `beats-and-sounds` era will be temporary in Bollywood.

The song, although not entirely fresh, combines the best melodies of the composers of the 90’s like Anu Malik and Jatin-Lalit. The track also scores because of the rare Sonu Nigam and the sparkling Shreya Ghoshal. With the tabla, nice acoustics and the violins in the background, `Don’t Say Alvida` is a clear winner!

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