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Avengers: End Game has emerged as a Blockbuster in India and that too in a matter of just one week. The film stayed excellent right through the week, though the Thursday drop was quite surprising considering how the numbers had stayed over the 20 crores mark on all other weekdays. The overall numbers are still mind blowing as all records for Bollywood releases have shattered left, right and center. The film has collected 260.40 crores already and 300 Crore Club milestone would be hit before the end of the second weekend.

The Hollywood biggie is now a case study for all event releases in time to come. Yes, the film arrived on a non-holiday and that too on a restricted count of screens (2845 screens). Still, all said and done it was an event release due to which there was so much curiosity amongst one and all to check out what the big deal was about this biggies. One can’t necessarily except the same for even the biggest of films that come from Bollywood and hence number of times holiday advantage is much sought after.

The challenge now would be for other Hollywood biggies that would hit the screens in India from here on. Of course not all films can expect to match this kind of success. As a matter of fact before this the only other film to see such a Blockbuster run has been Avengers: Infinity War. However, the day is not far when biggies from Hollywood start entering the 100 Crore Club at a much rapid pace.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources