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In the west, a sequel to a film is made only when a particular film does well and the makers feel that the audience would respond well if they make another film in the series or develop it into a franchise spawning across multiple films. The interest among filmmakers to make sequels has grown substantially in the last couple of years. While one can understand the decision of a filmmaker to make a sequel of a successful film, what one fails to understand is that why would anybody making a franchise out of a film which has not worked at the box-office.

‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’, released in 2011, was a box-office success but its sequel ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana 2’ failed to match up to audience’s expectations and tanked at the box-office. Despite the actors acknowledging the fact that the film underperformed, they decided to come together for the third film in the franchise, hoping that it would revive people’s interest in the franchise. While the first two films were helmed by Samir Karnik and Sangeeth Sivan respectively, Navaniat Singh, who has directed a couple of Punjabi films in the past, wields the megaphone for rst Thiughts.

The trailer opens and we see Dharmendra complaining about going to Gujarat as it has a ‘dry climate’. By ‘dry climate’, he was referring to the fact that Gujarat is a dry state where the sale and consumption of liquor is prohibited by law. The trailer does not reveal much about the plot of the film. Instead, it introduces us to the three primary characters and shows a bit of the lead actress Kriti Kharbanda and a special number which a lot of Bollywood celebrities have gathered for.

A song from the film titled “Nazarbattu” had released a few weeks back and it certainly made a better impression than the trailer. The trailer is not bad but it does not get you excited about the film either.