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When you meet Karan Aanand for the first time, you wonder why an actor with such a strikingly good personality has not been seen more frequently on the big screen. In this interview, the actor shares the reason behind that and talks about his new film ‘Lupt’ which hits theatres this week.

Why have not we seen much of you?

I have done television for a long time. ‘Gunday’ was my first film as an actor. After that, I did ‘Baby’ in which I had a more prominent role. I got some recognition for that film but what happened after that was that I was getting similar kind of roles. I decided to take a break from films. I got really excited when I heard the script of ‘Lupt’.

Can you share something about your character in the film?

I am playing a fashion photographer. I am the boyfriend of Harsh Tandon’s (Jaaved Jaaferi) daughter. He is a very simple person who goes on a trip with Harsh’s family and gets entrapped in a situation along with them.

One has heard you are also one of the producers of the film. True?

No, that is not true. One of the producers of the film is a close friend of mine. I have worked in this film only in the capacity of an actor.

Remo D’Souza has presented the film. What has been his contribution to the film?

Remo came on board after we finished shooting the film. He liked the film and was happy to be a part of it as a presenter.

Does ‘Lupt’ offer something which horror films made in India have not so far?

Yes, there are certain things which the audience will get to see for the first time in a horror film. Most of the horror films made in India have a mix of romance, sex and music in it. The film does not have any of these elements. ‘Lupt’ is a family film. The best part about the film is that it gives a strong message. It tells you that when you commit a crime, you pay the price for it. Sometimes, your entire family and loved ones also suffer and pay the price for a mistake which you have committed.

Would you like to do something in the digital space?

I have been offered a couple of web shows. The thing is that I have set certain rules for myself. I am not comfortable doing intimate scenes. If I am offered something on the digital which suits my sensibilities, I would love to take it up.

What are you doing next?

I have shot for a film called ‘Rangeela Raja’ which has Govinda playing the central protagonist. The film has been produced by Pahlaj Nihalani. There are a couple of other films which should be announced soon.