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He is one of the biggest names in the Punjabi pop music scene but when you speak to Harrdy Sandhu you realise he does not take his stardom very seriously and is still as rooted as he was when he has not tasted stardom. In this exclusive interview, he talks about his new song ‘Kya Baat Ay’, the reason behind the widespread popularity of Punjabi music in India, acting ambitions and shares his first reaction when he heard one of his songs being recreated by a Hindi film composer.

The hook-line of ‘Kya Baat Ay’ is quite addictive. How did the thought for this song come to you?

To be honest, we made the song just in one day. In the last six months, we were trying to make several songs but nothing was working out. The lyrics for the song were already ready. We had created a different tune for it. When the phrase ‘Kya Baat Ay’ came into the picture, we composed a new tune and added the old lyrics into it. Everything fell into place perfectly.

Every regional film industry in India has a music industry but the popularity which Punjabi music enjoys across the country is unparalleled. What do you think is the reason behind that?

I guess Punjabi music is very happy and that is the primary reason why it reaches out to so many people. Also, Punjabi language is very similar to Hindi music, so people connect with the lyrics quite easily.

You are trained in classical music. The kind of music you make is quite different.

Actually, I have not learnt classical music for a very long time. I learnt semi-classical music for around a year and a half. My training gives me the confidence to sing any kind of a song. Once your foundation is strong, it becomes easy to any kind of a song. In the future, you will see me dabbling into different kind of genres.

You song ‘Soch’ was recreated by Amaal Mallik as ‘Soch Na Sake’ for ‘Airlift’. What did you think of the song?

Honestly, when I heard for the song for the first time, I did not like it at all. I also felt a little upset about the fact my song was recreated without my knowledge. But, after I heard the song a couple of time, I started liking it.

You recently sung a song for ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se’. What do you prefer – creating independent music or doing film songs?

I do not have boundaries or restrictions as an artiste. I just want to make good music. I keep churning out singles at regular intervals. In films, songs are made keeping a certain situation in mind, so an artiste gets lesser freedom there. Even if I do less work in films, I want to make sure that it is of good quality.

You wanted to be a cricketer but an accident stopped you from pursuing a career in it. Do you have any regret about not being able to pursue a career in cricket?

There is no regret as such but I do feel like playing it more often. I started singing when I was four years old. After that, I got into cricket. I think everything in our life happens according to our destiny. We should happily accept what we get in life.

Your music videos are shot very well and your personality comes off very well in them as well. Would you try your luck in acting?

I have got several offers from Bollywood. I have read a couple of scripts as well but nothing has interested me so far. I am interested in acting but will get into it only when the right project comes my way.

What are you doing next?

I will be releasing another single next month. There is another song which will come out in a Bollywood film.