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Radhika Apte the thirty-three year old actress born in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, brought up in Pune, Maharashtra; began her acting career in theatre before moving towards films. Radhika made a special appearance  in Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi! (2005) and since worked in Hindi and other regional films. Apart from marking her presence in Bollywood, she has been a rage over the digital platforms and a phenomenal success with her contribution to films such as Parched, Pad-Man and Andhadhun.

Planet Bollywood’s UK Correspondent Supriya Davda caught up with Radhika Apte.

Radhika, you’ve just come out of four successes – Pad Man, Lust Stories, Sacred Games and Andhadhun, what drives your choices?

I choose my roles based on whatever is being offered to me, so whatever I find most exciting and challenging at that particular moment according to my mindset I pick that up. Films are changing slowly, and the ‘running around the trees for women’ is disappearing over time. A lot of new and refreshing content is coming through and a high time that this has changed, people are bored of seeing those ‘regular’ films.

When it came to Baazaar, my agents arranged a meeting, I was really keen on doing the film, even before I knew of the story. Because I really wanted to change the way I was coming across, I was being type casted and wanted to be apart of a commercial film, I later read the script and really liked the part and also the other actors involved.

What attracted you to Priya Rai and the story of Baazaar?

Priya is urban, very driven, ambitious and a go-getter, willing to go above and beyond to make her dreams come true.

Gauravv and Nikhil had a clear vision about the character, we spoke about Priya’s character, did a number of look tests which involved a lot of work around the styling. Working with Rohan Mehra was lovely, he is extremely humble, sincere and versatile. Its my second project with Saif and again working with someone with such varied work behind him was phenomenal. I would love to be able to do something a lot bigger with him.

Radhika who was unable to speak firmly about her upcoming ventures, will be seen in a Hollywood Spy Drama film.