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Filmmaker Raja Ram Mukerji talks about his short films ‘Main Kaun Hoon’, ‘Beti’, why the short film format excites him as a director, living up to the responsibility of coming from a film family and future projects.

You recently won the Golden Galaxy Award for your short film ‘Main Kaun Hoon’. Can you share something about the film?

I like making films on women-oriented subjects. My earlier films also have been on women empowerment. When you make such films, you have to be sure about the fact that everything in the story comes across as real. ‘Main Kaun Hoon’ is about the girl who discovers her identity and makes it a point to make her presence felt in a patriarchal society. All that she has ever wanted is to somebody to understand her. When she feels she is being denied her rights and the respect she deserves, she goes all out to proclaim it.

Your other short film ‘Beti’ released recently.

Yes, Beti released a month back and was on the issue of female foeticide. It is something that goes about. You will be shocked to know that in urban cites like Mumbai, Delhi. People tend to believe that these things happen only in smaller towns but that is not the truth.

What excites you about the short film format?

My biggest motivation behind making short films is the kind of reach they provide you with. I also get the opportunity to send these films to festivals. Short films are more effective in spreading a message than feature films. Films come and go but short films will always be there on the internet. I have made five short films. Three have released and two will come out very soon. Women-oriented films are accepted globally. I am very intrigued by these kinds of subjects.

Would you like to make a web-series?

No, it would not be possible for me to make a web-series at the moment. I work as an executive producer in Yash Raj Films and that takes up most of my time. Short films take less time to make, so I can make a film when I am free but it would be difficult for me to commit myself to a web series.

You belong to an illustrious film family. As a creative person, have you ever felt pressurised because of that?

When you are related to a celebrity, there is always a pressure to live up to their name. You have to make something good as people are constantly judging you. I see it as a responsibility and not pressure. It also inspires to make quality content as a filmmaker.

Can you share something about your forthcoming projects?

I am planning to shoot next short film soon and I will also be directing some music videos. Towards the end of next year, I want to start writing the script of my feature film.