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Cinema chatter, fraternity friends and pipping hot paranthas – Sohum Shah found a perfect way to enjoy the rains.

On a day thundering with monsoon showers, actor Sohum Shah found a way to bring film aficionados together to celebrate the love of movies and paranthas!

A few weeks ago, Shah had posted a picture of himself enjoying a hot corncob in the rains on his social media. To which, one of his media friends replied that his fun would be doubled if he shared. Sohum asked him to come join him and soon, more and more fraternity pals wanted in! The idea of a paratha party was born then and there with Sohum suggesting that instead of corncob, they should have matar paranthe and garam chai in his office.

While all of this was just meant to be a fun thread on twitter, little did Sohum’s friends know that the maverick actor would actually take their suggestion seriously and host a parantha party!

Despite the heavy downpour this weekend, Sohum hosted quite a few media friends at his office where the group spent the evening, discussing cinema and music over tea and snacks.

Later, Sohum took to his social media and shared a picture from his hit parantha party and wrote, “दोस्तों, What’s the best way to spend a ⛈ day? 1. 📱Speed dial your favourite fraternity friends 2. Baarish ki tarah, kadak चाय ka supply bhi non-stop hona chahiye! 3. 📽 kuch filmon ki charcha aur sangeet ka mahaul 🎶 4. Aur sabse important! गरम गरम परांठे परोसिये! बारिश ने बहुत कोशिश की, कि ये मुलाक़ात ना हो, लेकिन पराँठा खाने वालों को कौन रोक सकता हैं? #ParathaParty”