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With the legacy of transforming the lives of young talented women who have become icons in the glamour and fashion industry, fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2019 Co-powered By Sephora & Rajnigandha Pearls vows to continue its tradition with an aim to extend whole-hearted support to the new generation women who have the potential to lead and represent the country in the future.

With every prestigious title, there also comes responsibility towards society. For the first time, fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2019 joined hands with environmentalist Afroz Shah along with Actor, Producer, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador & United Nations Secretary General Advocate for Sustainable Development Goals Dia Mirza to participate in Rajnigandha Pearls Act of Goodness with Prathamesh Maulingkar, Mister Supranational 2018 to drive the Rajnigandha Pearls Act of Goodness – beach cleaning with Afroz Shah.

In continuation of the drive, the 30 State winners of fbb Colors Femina Miss India were divided into 6 groups, each group had 5 girls who came together to collect the highest amount of non-degradable waste as per a part of their contribution at the Danapani beach today.

From the total of 6 teams, the team that collected the maximum amount of garbage along with the highest contributor from the balance 5 teams qualified for the 2nd round. Each team was lead by a captain who included Anukreethy V.A.S.: fbb Colors Femina Miss India World 2018, Gayatri Bhardwaj: fbb Colors Femina Miss India United Continents 2018, Shreya Rao Kamavarapu: fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2018 – 2nd Runner-up, Vishnu Raj Menon: Mr India World 2018, Jitesh Thakur: Mister Supranational 2016 – 2nd Runner-up and Jitesh Singh Deo: Mr India World 2017.

The captains not only motivated their respective team members but also contributed to the cause. The team that outperformed themselves was headed by Vishnu Raj Menon: Mr India World 2018 whose team collected a total of 376.05 kgs in total.

The winning team along with the highest individual contribution from the balance 5 teams qualified for Round 2 of which fbb Colors Femina Miss India Himachal Pradesh 2019 – Garima Verma was declared as the final winner for Rajnigandha Pearls Act of Goodness – Beach Cleaning Drive with an individual contribution of 39 kgs. In total, fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2019 cumulatively collected a total of 1628.5 kgs of garbage.

The girls not only collected plastic bags, bottles, and other non-biodegradable garbage but also pledged to continue their support to dedicate some of their own time to this cause.

Commenting on the same, Afroz Shah said, “Our love for mother nature must be expressed manifestly – by taking ground action regularly. Miss India is a fertile grooming ground for young leaders. A young leader from Miss India rolling up the sleeves and expressing the love by cleaning sends a message to the world – that we are truly a beauty with a purpose. My extended gratitude to each one of them.”

Dia Mirza said, “I have always believed that beauty is defined by our actions more than anything else. It gives me great pride to include these young women in a movement that I have been a part of. The environment is our collective responsibility and I hope that all of my young friends continue to shoulder this responsibility and encourage more to join this movement.

“Beach cleaning activity should not be just one-day activity, every individual should participate in this activity on a regular basis. I feel it’s our responsibility to keep our environment clean and if we want to change then it should start from us first.”

Prathamesh Maulingkar, “Oceans are very close to my heart as my home town is Goa, For me, it’s important to keep the environment and beaches clean for the marine life to live peacefully. I believe if we want to change, we should our-self start working towards it and create awareness about keeping the environment clean. I am thankful to Miss organization and Mr. Afroz Shah for giving me and Miss India State winners this opportunity of working for a good cause.”