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Indian cinema had always represented Sports in a films and has won millions of heart. But Marathon is a sport which is not selected as a topic to create a feature film. ‘Jeet Le Marathon’ is a movie which has been inspired by Marathon as a sport and so it is going to release on 11th January, 2019.

The movie ‘Jeet Le Marathon’ is an inspirational film that reflects the story of a person who has starts his journey from zero to become a hero and how he creates history and get succeed. The main character of the film is Aryan Neeraj Anand, who has written and directed the film along with him there are TV actresses Ankita Bahuguna, Perna Zamb and Anjani Kumar Singh who will also be seen as a lead.

The most interesting thing related to the film is that the actor-director-writer Aryan Neeraj Anand himself works in a bank but inspite of this he had dreamed to create his own feature film and here his dream comes true. When Director-Actor Aryan Neeraj Anand was asked about his experience he said, “Every Sunday or when we had a holiday or free time we used to shoot the film and so the film took 4 years to complete. Most of the scenes in the film were shot in real marathons. It was quite challenging to do so but still we managed to complete.”

The music to the film is given by Harindu, Veer and Dhawal. ‘Jeet Le Marathon’ is produced by ‘Soul & Hearts Production’. The film has released on 11th January 2019.