Home » News » Karan Johar declares Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor to be the ‘boss’ over his siblings on Koffee With Karan

The latest Koffee With Karan season graced us with some amusing revelations from the outspoken Kapoor trio resulting in a laughing riot! Spilling the tea over a wide array of topics in this sibling saga episode, host Karan indulged in an engaging conversation with Rhea, Sonam and Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor.

Sonam was addressed as the show’s legend due to causing a stir in Bollywood with her controversial statements in its past seasons. Rhea shared her sister’s insanity unbound vibe while she boldly handed witty suggestions to famous stars and proved that she’s more than a sister when it comes to work. Contradictory to the edgy and upfront personas of his ‘crazy sisters’, Harshv still stole the show with his calm and poised composure yet ingeniously witty remarks!

Source quotes, “Harsh Varrdhan always maintained a low profile unlike most of the big names in the industry. It’s quite difficult to spot him in places or outdoors doing a lot of promotions so, it’s really rare that one gets to see, know or connect with him on a personal level! While marking his debut on Karan’s chat show Harsh Varrdhan was at his candid best, offering interesting insights into his life and mind.”

“Being truly a semi-introvert, this show made him shine and gain appreciation for his appearance on it. He was adored as he single handedly won the fiesty Rapid Fire and Calling The Kapoors rounds respectively. At the end even Karan affirmed that he’s indeed the ‘boss’!”, source adds.