Home » News » Kartik Aaryan set to impress audience once again as a Ghostbuster in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

While it is a known fact that KartikAaryan is quite a pro when it comes to playing simple-n-sweet characters in slice of life entertainers, of late the youngster has also started diversifying into different zones as well. Latest in the scheme of things is Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, a horror comedy, which is going to be a first for the youngster.

Truly a biggie by all means, the film has Kartik explore a zone that he has never attempted before and that makes it further exciting. Even more because he plays the part of a ghostbuster in the film and a character like this is quite rare in Bollywood.

In any case, horror-comedy genre has been quite unexplored in Bollywood. Last year’s Stree is the biggest of them all as it turned out to be a huge blockbuster no less. Before that it was Golmaal Again which was led by Ajay Devgn. However, none of these had the central protagonist playing a ghostbuster, hence leading to a situational comedy. The horror comedy before these two films which actually had a character like this was Bhool Bhulaiyaa itself and the man who made this possible was Akshay Kumar.

Circa 2020 and Kartik Aaryan would be pretty much enjoying his time in front of the camera for Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. The first look of the poster has been quite enticing with the youngster pretty much getting into a similar wardrobe as that of Akshay Kumar in Bhool Bhulaiyaa, the film that started it all. Moreover, the launch by itself has been quite lavish which further reaffirms the confidence that the makers have in his ability to pull off the part quite well.

Though it is just a start and these are early days indeed, one waits for Summer 2020 when the film hits the screens and Kartik Aaryan shows his prowess in a new kind of screen persona.