Home » News » Maniesh Paul posts a quirky video on his hairstyle

One thing extremely dear to Maniesh Paul, is his sexy mop of hair. Yes, the versatile actor, who is known for his quick wit, is obsessed about his locks and their simply can never be a bad hair day for him.

We recently witnessed his love for his coiffure, when Maniesh was taking a stroll at the Madison Square Garden in New York and it suddenly started to rain. No doubt, Maniesh was in a fix, he had to save his hair at any cost. And voila, the quick-thinking actor-cum-host came up with a unique solution. He quickly grabbed a bright red plastic bag from a roadside shop and wore it over his head.

Maniesh even shared a story on his Instagram account about the same, where he can be seen wearing his red makeshift rain-hat and saying. “Bal kharab nahin hone chaiye bus.”

Well, Maniesh’s innovative solution not only protected his hair from the rain, but the witty sultan of stage also made us laugh with his funny emergency hair saving act video.

Hats off to you entertaining fella, you do know how to make the best of all situations.