Home » News » Media Tribe co-founder Sunil Gupta talks about his Mumbai to Goa journey on Angriya cruise

In a very short span of time, Sunil Gupta has managed to establish his company Media Tribe as one of the leading digital media agencies in the country. Apart from films and Bollywood personalities, the agency works towards promoting several notable names from the political, business, media and other arenas on the digital space.

Apart from being a young entrepreneur, Sunil is also a social media influencer and often gets invited to important events and gatherings. Recently, he was invited to come on-board as a privileged guest on the Angriya Cruise which covers the Mumbai – Goa sea route. Sunil was invited there to experience the services provided there and share his feedback on the same.

Talking about the experience, Sunil says, “I had a great time on the Angriya cruise. We got on board at the Victoria Dock and the journey started from there. High tea, lunch and dinner were arranged elaborately for the guests and the food, prepared by trained chefs, was exquisite in taste. There was also a wonderful live band which performed for the guests. It was a sixteen hour long journey but not for a moment did I feel bored or fatigued.”

Elaborating further on the experience, Sunil draws an interesting parallel between his experience and a popular Bollywood film.

“In the film Dil Chahta Hai, Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna go on a road trip to Goa. After watching that film, a lot of people got inspired to do the same. While a road trip is fun, I would recommend everyone to experience the journey on the Angriya cruise once. For me, it was an experience of a lifetime and I cherised every moment of it.”