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Ranveer Singh is a superstar who creates massive fan frenzy whenever he steps out. And yesterday, at Southall (London), he created a record-breaking fan frenzy around him as he brought the area to a standstill for the first time ever! No one has ever created a moment like this for the neighbourhood to cherish.

“Ranveers presence created a crowd frenzy when he went there to shoot for an ad. The entire neighbourhood came out on the street to catch a glimpse of Ranveer. The production had made elaborate security plans but they couldn’t anticipate the sheer numbers in which people descended on the location to see ranveer live and in action,” says an eyewitness from Southall!

The source adds, “As a result the creative team decided to incorporate the crowd in the ad as well. Ranveer was super calm in spite of the pandemonium, spreading his usual charm and cheer amongst the locals who came in hordes to see him. Very few actors have the ability to handle crowds the way Ranveer does!”

While fans went berserk, the superstar was seen taking care of the women and children. “He was seen ensuring that women, children and the elderly don’t get pushed around in the chaos. He was seen telling the security to ensure that they ensure the safety of them. The security ensured that they took care of everyone and the shoot happened smoothly!” informs the source.