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Sony Music imports its global artist royalty portal Artist Portal that empowers artists by giving them easy and timely access to royalty statements online. Along with detailed insights on worldwide music streams, downloads, video views, charts position and more, Sony Music artist and partners are presented with earnings from across all leading audio and video platforms. In addition, Artist Portal also gives Social Media analytics to understand consumer interaction and feedback on the song.

Adds on Shridhar Subramaniam, President India & Middle East, “Artist 360 is a unique platform that gives artists access to revenue and consumer insights information on their songs. Sony Music is committed to transparency and giving our artists all the necessary tools to help further their careers.”

Adds on Mr. Mukesh Bhatt, “This is a fantastic way of giving producers and artists an immediate access to what they are earning. I didn’t think this would ever happen in India, and am happy that Sony Music is setting new benchmarks with this portal.

“This is phenomenal and the transparency is much needed. The tool is simple yet intuitive and is very effective. Kudos to Sony Music for starting this trend”, Apoorva Mehta CEO Dharma Productions

Artist Portal is currently LIVE in 27 Countries with over 250 Artists and Managers. The platform also gives a break up of Digital, Physical , Synch Licensing and Other Revenues. One can further procure sales & revenues by geography and a further drill down to analyze each sales with streaming activity and royalties.