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With great set up comes great expectations. And with great expectations all eyes are on something extraordinary to unravel on the big screen. This is what makes Avengers: End Game special as this one not just meets but exceeds expectations. For a film like this that is much awaited by practically the entire globe, the narrative has to be thoroughly entertaining and engaging. There cannot be any false note and in that aspect the film goes all out to ensure that audiences get much more than what they would have bargained.

The last instalment had left the film on a note from where it had to take off brilliantly from the mid-point. The kickstart had to be just perfect as audiences immediately want to know how the remaining one half of the Avengers would take on Thanos. In that aspect the film takes just the kind of beginning that you would have wanted. As audiences you are involved in the proceedings and soon enough there is no looking back as one sequence after another ensures that you become a part of the world that End Game has to offer.

What is also remarkable about this superhero film is the fact that it doesn’t rely on just action to keep the entertainment quotient going. There are emotions and humour in good dose as well and that is what makes the film so special. As is the universal truth, if emotions become a part of an action film then it indeed turns out to be a wholesome experience and this is where End Game gains a lot of brownie points.

There are also points for the manner in which all the superheroes come together in this film. To have a plethora of superheroes on the screen at the same time can well be expected to be a difficult task for any filmmaker and in that aspect one has to give credit to all involved in the film to actually pull it off. You love the manner in which everyone comes together in the film and becomes such an integral part of the narrative, so much so that at many points on the film you actually want this team to return for one more instalment at least.

As for the technical aspects of the film then well, End Game is up there with the best of the best. Right from the special effects to the background score to the sound design to the locations to costumes (of course!) to the art work, everything has been meticulously put together by the technical crew of the film which further ensures that there is a lot out there which compliments the storytelling of this hugest superhero affair.

No wonder, the film indeed turns out to be a cinematic marvel which finds a place up there as one of the greatest films ever. This one is an experience that cannot be missed.