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Black comedy is one genre that hasn’t really been explored much in Bollywood. The last one which did well was actually Andhadhun, which brought to fore a new grammar of storytelling. Now in case of Judgementall Hai Kya too, filmmaker Prakash Kovelamudi attempts something that hasn’t been done before when it comes to Hindi films. It is quirky, dark, humorous, edgy, thrilling, niche – all at the same time, which also means it would be very interesting to see how reactions come for the Ekta Kapoor production from the ‘aam junta’.

The film is primarily centred on the two

protagonists, both of whom have a past of their own and are currently have a mysterious existence. Kangana has an ancestral property in Mumbai, a portion of which she rents out to Rajkummar Rao and his wife Amyra Dastur. However, even before an ‘indecent proposal’ could be made, there is a dead body in the house. Now is that a killing, a murder, a suicide or an accident? Well, this is where ia whodunit element that comes in, something that leads to an intriguing thriller in the offering.

All of this could well have been a breezy affair had the murder mystery element shrouded in secrecy would have played around right though the two hour narrative. However that isn’t really the case as writer Kanika Dhillon decides to bring on Ramayana 2.0 angle where Seeta is on a hunt for Ravana. Watch the film and you would realise the metaphor. Well, all of that could have been digested as well but then the psychopath angle turns it to be so dark at one point in time that you get a tad claustrophobic.

This is where the performances ensure that as audience you still wait to check out the antics of Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao. If former lets her voice scream out her frustration, latter has his subtle intensity represent an inherent anger.  They work well independently and also as a pair, something that keeps the audience engaged right though. They are ably supported by Amyra Dastur, Amrita Puri, Satish Kaushik and Jimmy Sheirgill. However the one who truly stands out is Hussain Dalal. He lights up the screen each time around.

What also stands out is the technical aspect of the film. The background score is definitely a highlight and so is the sound design that works for the tense atmosphere of the film. Edit pattern is quite unique as well, something that lends the film a Hollywoodish touch. Yes, the overall narrative turns out to be way too abstract in the second half with the Ramayana 2.0 angle but then the climax, where all loose ends tie up well, pretty much compensated for it all.

For a unique subject, different kind of filming and able performances by the lead pair, Judgementall Kya Hai turns out to be a different experience indeed.